Happy Half Birthday to our Theodorable!

So, today is Theo’s half birthday. And he’s adorable.  So there’s going to be some photos (obviously) and I thought I’d do just a quick Theo update!

He’s learned to kiss! Albeit sloppily…


He had a Valentine’s Day!



He’s learned some new facial expressions…



And is looking even more like his Papa!





He’s got a bit of one front tooth, and a tiny bit of the other–I think teething is in full swing!


Wonderful! His base meal is applesauce (often with prune or pear) but he gets all sorts of finger foods.  Mostly fruit and veg, but today he had a bit of toast.  He’s putting that one tooth to good use, and actually eating a surprising amount of the finger foods.  It’s really fun that he can eat more of what we eat lately, and so wonderful to feel like a family eating dinner (he loves eating with us!) instead of two parents, one of whom must always be holding/entertaining a grumpy baby.


Still off-and-on.  There was one really awesome night last Thursday…I’ll remember it forever! Haha!  But he’s still up multiple times a night, and naps are sort of unpredictable (though it seems they’re on the upswing!) The most important thing, though, is that he goes to bed at 8 pm every night, and in general, stays there, at least while Andreas and I get some grown-up time!  That was our biggest battle, so it’s great that we finally have a steady bedtime!


Not…so much.  He definitely wants to move, but has no idea how to, haha! He even periodically forgets how to roll, but he can roll both ways (front to back and back to front).  He’s also starting to lunge from his seated position (which he’s great at!) to get things, but as he can’t crawl, this usually results in faceplants.  He’s starting to try to pull up on things, though!  Can’t quite get all the way up there, but he’s definitely doing his best!

Social Skills:

He’s starting to be more gentle! Not all the time, of course, but he’s starting to pat and stroke my face instead of hit and scratch, and will grab my face with both hands to pull me in for a slobber/kiss.  We can really tell he’s connecting with us these days, and it makes it a lot easier to be there for him.  He’s also starting to laugh whenever I laugh (after giving me a quizzical look) which I LOVE!  There’s a lot more laughter in our house than there ever has been before.


He’s still clicking his tongue, and just today started trying to make some sort of raspberry noise.  He’s in full babble mode lately, mixing some LOUD shrieks/jabbering in for good measure.  One of his favorite activities is sitting on the windowsill and watching the people, cars, and bikes go by.  He’s even starting to bang on the window when he sees people nearby, and the passers-by that notice him always smile.

Anyway, considering that his sleep is still so unpredictable, and it’s already 10:40 pm, I’d better end this, but I couldn’t let Theo’s half birthday go unrecognized!  We love our boy more and more, and it’s so exciting to be reaching the really fun stages!




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