Sunday Currently

Hey! So, I’ve never done a link-up.  To be honest, they’re super intimidating, and I’m afraid I won’t do them right.  But at some point, I just have to get over all that, right?  So, here goes!

Reading–Earlier this week, I read the official guidelines for what to feed your baby in Denmark, but other than that, not much.  I have a book my mom sent me when I was pregnant (about a knitting group!) though, so I’m hoping to start that soon.

Writing–Just a couple of blog posts, a journal entry, and lots of poetry (unfortunately, the latter is only in my head at inopportune moments (i.e. when falling asleep))

Listening–To Theo enjoy play with his carrot before I wipe him down and get him ready for bed.

Thinking–About ways to start reading more.  For real this time!  Going to search the library website, and get some English-language books sent to the library nearest me, but I don’t really know what to look for (I’m really a browser, but that’s not really possible online).  Any suggestions?!

Smelling–Mashed peas.  Of course.
Wishing–That we had more friends in the area!  It’s been tough lately.  I have lots of acquaintances, and they’re lovely, and I do see friendships developing, but to be completely honest, I really, really miss best-friendship.  I’m lucky enough that I do feel like I have that with Andreas, but at the same time, it would be nice to have a friend nearby, who I could just call up and hang out with–not specifically for any reason, or to do anything, but just to talk and share time with.
Hoping–That Theo will go to sleep without a fight so we can eat our dinner soon! (This, as it turns out, is not coming true…)
Wearing–My standard Mom-outfit (jeans, socks with holes in them, a nursing tank, and a sweater).  It’s boring, but it’s what I’ve got right now.  I’m in need of a serious wardrobe overhaul, but I don’t have anyone to shop with, and I don’t like going alone!
Loving–That the two most important people to me are just in the next room
Wanting–My Thai curry leftovers, and to have cozy time with Andreas! (a
Needing–To sleep.  What parent doesn’t?
Feeling–Kind of worn down, and a little discouraged, but better than yesterday (and that’s always something!

Happy Naw-Rúz! Happy Springtime!

Happy Naw-Rúz!  Naw-Rúz is the Bahá’í New Year, and marks the end of our 19-day fasting period, and the beginning of a fresh new year (and springtime!).  I realize that because I’ve taken blogging off my plate for a while, that I haven’t even blogged about fasting, so maybe it’s silly to blog about the end of it, but I thought I could catch everyone up (and start the new year with no blogging debt!)

This year, since I’m nursing, I couldn’t really fast.  Normally, Bahá’ís fast from sunrise to sunset for a period of 19 days, beginning at the age of 15 until 70, with some exceptions (if you’re pregnant, nursing, sick, etc.).  I didn’t fast last year, either, of course, but in an effort to join in, I fasted from treats from sunrise to sunset (including my daily cup of coffee).  It went well, though I have to say it was a little more difficult than usual to get into the spirit this year, but that’s just how it is sometimes.  We got into the habit of remembering to say prayers together at the end of the night, which I’m hoping we can keep up with.

Anyways, fasting is over, and it’s time for lunch (and coffee!) again!  Whoo!  It’s also springtime in Copenhagen!  The weather has actually been rather springlike for the past couple of weeks, although now the forecast is calling for a lot of rain and drear.  But the sunshiny days just really put me in a wonderful mood, and I’m hoping they come back!

I’ve been running a bit more again (after a two-week cold) and finally am doing the *correct* ab workout.  For a couple of months, I started doing ab workouts, hoping to lose the last of the baby belly.  But it didn’t go anywhere.  At all.  I was frustrated, because since a couple of weeks after giving birth, the rest of my body is about back to how it was, but my belly is just…not.  So after six months (and way too many crunches) I realized that I have diastasis recti, which means my abs are basically split along the middle, leaving a three-finger-width gap.  Which is why I haven’t been able to get my belly anywhere near flat again.  So I read up on it, and apparently, traditional ab exercises only exacerbate the problem, and you have to do special exercises to strengthen the inner muscles first, and close the gap.  So I’ve been working on that, and am hoping that in a few months, it’ll be better.

Things with Theo have been pretty good!  His sleeping was getting worse again, so we’ve added breakfast, which puts him at three meals a day.  Unfortunately, he’s still not a big fan of vegetables, but I’ll keep offering, and keep hoping he’ll hop on the vegetable wagon.

In other Theo news, he’s getting semi-mobile.  Not crawling, or anywhere near it, but he’s rolling and turning and reaching, and we’ve got to be more careful.  We’ve had several close calls in the recent weeks, including him nearly pulling our DSLR onto his face, him helping himself to more melon chunks (and knocking a bowl on the floor, shattering it), and a very near falling-off-the-couch incident which left Andreas sore for days, as he had flung himself towards Theo to soften his landing.

peek 1 peek 2 Peek 3 peek 4

We still haven’t babyproofed (I’d been hanging desperately onto the hope that we wouldn’t have to before we moved) but it doesn’t look like we’re moving anytime soon, and I think crawling isn’t too far off, so I’m not sure what we’ll do.  Our apartment is so far from baby-friendly…I just don’t know.  I guess we’ll get lots of those gathering-wires-together-tubes, and…maybe a baby gate for the front of Andreas’s desk?… oh boy.  We’re clueless and cluttered, but we’ve figured everything out so far, so we’ll get through it.

He’s perfected his raspberry noise, and it’s the only other noise other than “pa-pa” that he’ll imitate when we do it.

blowing raspberries


He’s still the cutest ever…

cute elf

And these days, he’s finally enjoying being on his belly!  Of course, in true Theodore style (as he does everything with gusto) this is now the only position he’d like to be in.  Even if you’re trying to change his diaper.  Or put clothes on him.  The second he wakes up, onto his belly he rolls!

morning turtle


So everything’s going pretty great.  It’s springtime in Denmark (which means that today it’s rainy, rainy, rainy) and we’re feeling more like a family every day.