Sick Day

This post isn’t titled “Sick Day” because I’m having one, or I had one.  It’s titled that because I needed one.

Since Theo’s been born, I’ve been more sick than usual.  No doubt because I’m getting less sleep than I ever have before.  And I suddenly realized how wonderful it was to be sick before I had a baby.  I think I actually wrote a post about how secretly nice sick days are, but I can’t find it anymore, so no link.  But the gist was that, as not-fun as it is to be sick, it’s actually kind of nice to have a legitimate reason to put off your responsibilities, and spend the day in bed watching television.  And it is.  But now, being sick just stinks.

Because now, when I’m sick, I don’t get to sleep 12 hours straight to “sleep it off.”  I get to sleep small stretches between baby-feeding and baby-settling and baby-stinky-diaper-changing, because that baby doesn’t sleep just because you want to.  I don’t get to lounge on the couch all day and watch TV because Theo needs me to pick him up, make him breakfast, feed him breakfast, clean him (and a 3-foot-radius) after breakfast.  And then he needs to use me as a jungle-gym, because as much as I’d like to just snuggle, Theo doesn’t snuggle.  He pulls himself to standing using my hair, and tries to bite my big toe, which is actually a problem now that he has teeth.

So anyway, my point is that I’m super jealous of people who have regular jobs, and when they’re sick, they can take a sick day and stay home and rest and not get their toes bitten.  But at the same time, if I was one of those people who had a regular job, I’d be jealous of the people that get to stay home with a really cute, hilarious, amazing (albeit really cranky for the past week) baby all the time.


So…I guess I’ll just be glad that the Worst Cough of My Life is just about gone, and move on to better things (like deciding what to bake today).

The Cough also kept me home from what was going to be my second outing without Theo since he was born.  I found a knitting group!  It meets fairly close-by and I was SO EXCITED to go.  I mean, really, really excited.  And then I almost coughed out a lung, and decided it was best for everyone if I didn’t cough all over them, so I stayed home.  The next meeting is in three weeks (but of course, I can’t go because Andreas has a conference thing), so…I guess I’ll go next month.

But at least things are looking up at the moment.  The weather’s warm, if super-dreary and threatening, Andreas’s family is coming at some point in the next couple weeks to see Theo (yay!) which I’m excited about because goodness knows I like to show off my little baby-man, and I’m sure I’ll get to that knitting group at some point, and maybe, hopefully, make some friends!

One last thing: Theo’s really getting good at army-crawling/rolling around, and is doing a frightening amount of rocking on his hands and knees.  Hide your laptop cords (and books and pieces of paper, and pens, and knitting needles and candles…) everyone!  This baby’s on the move.


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