Today, I woke up at 7, amazed that Theo hadn’t eaten all night (first time!), though of course, he did still wake up…

I talked with a friend while Andreas took over Theo duty, skyped with my niece until I had to make breakfast for Theo, then scatterbrained about while I got dressed, did my makeup, made and drank coffee, and got the diaper bag packed.  I was (surprisingly) out the door on time for mom group, which I had decided to walk to so that Theo could get in a decent nap.  Two minutes after I left, my phone died.

Of course, he woke up halfway through the walk anyway, but we got to group a bit early, so I could get us some food and get settled before the other moms showed up.  We all chatted and laughed, exchanged stories, and it was awesome.  It was the first time that I wasn’t nervous on my way, and I wasn’t nervous while I was there, and since two of the moms were ladies I’d seen the past few weeks in a row, it felt really comfortable, and I was so happy, and so was Theo, I guess, because he clapped for the first time.

I stayed a bit late, since I knew Theo was going to fall asleep the moment we left anyway, and I decided to walk back home, hoping he’d nap the whole time (an hour) rather than taking the bus (where he’d only sleep for about 10 minutes) and spending three bucks to get home.  Of course, it started sprinkling, then raining, and by the time I was halfway home, it was pouring buckets.  The stroller has a rain cover, but I didn’t, and when I walked in the door, I was actually dripping.  My shoes were soaked through, my mascara was smeared, and I was still surprisingly cheerful.  I changed into sweats, had lunch, Theo had second-lunch and gnawed on the coffee table.  There was a failed nap, more playtime, decaf coffee, and then a real nap.  As soon as Theo was down, I collapsed, curled up onto the couch and immediately fell asleep until he woke up.

I made s’mores using digestive biscuits which is totally lame, and isn’t very good.  Andreas ate leftovers and rushed out the door to his meeting, and I fumbled my way through making cheese sandwiches for our dinner while Theo crawled around with some recycling and a small pot.  We had a little more playtime, and bedtime which dragged out for nearly an hour, since Theo now knows how to sit up, stand up, and promptly cries until I go in, lay him back down, get him all cozy and leave, at which point it repeats until I finally give up and sit there while he falls asleep.

Then, though I should have just gone to bed, I stayed up for an hour because I needed more than one minute to myself (awake) and waited for Andreas to come home when I’ll probably go to bed.

And that was today.  In case you were wondering.


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