Day 1

may 1

So, I thought I’d make an effort to do photo-a-day again!  Not that things have particularly calmed down, but time is just rushing by lately, and I thought it would be nice to be able to blog a bit every day, and perhaps even take a couple of pictures that aren’t of my son!  (Although, let’s face it, he’ll probably still be in most of them.)

Today’s prompt was “Begins with J,” and today I was going through my old journal.  Mostly it’s ramblings about how much I miss Andreas, and how excited I am to marry him–over and over again.  But the journal is where I write things when I’ve already told everyone else, and I just need to “say” it again (or things I don’t want to tell anyone else).  Fun to take a look back.  It got me thinking about my old middle and high school journals, which I actually tore apart and recycled before I moved to Denmark.  Although I thought that I might, at some point, regret doing that, I don’t regret it yet.  Looking back on those brought more bad feelings than good, and I’ll stick to reading my college stuff which was, as emo as it was, less emo than what I wrote as a teenager.


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