Day 2

2. Snack

may 2

These various bits of burger buns left over from dinner are destined to be my snack.  Or I might trade them in for a brownie…since the brownies are getting old and all…

But it’s a bit funny that today’s picture is “snack” and I’ve been thinking a lot about snacks lately!  I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with my body since Theo was born, and over the past couple of months I put on a few of the pounds I had lost, so I decided to start being a bit more mindful about my snacking and portion sizes.

And while I’ve been paring down (you know, from 8 brownies a day to 4…), Theo needs some bulking up!  He was born at over 9 pounds, but has since become a skinny, skinny boy (with a large, round, lollipop head).  The health visitor came by today, and she had some suggestions for us.  Basically, we’re night weaning, and only nursing 3 times a day, with 3 real meals and 2-3 snacks in between.  And suddenly it feels like, if Theo’s not eating, I’m busy making food for his next little mealtime.  But we’ll try it for a while, and see what happens!  We’re also adding extra fat to…well, basically everything.

To be honest, I’m not all that worried.  He’s a skinny little man, but he’s getting so active, curious, and really interactive that I know he’s getting what’s most important.

But who doesn’t want a little chub on their baby?


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