Day 5

5. 4 pm

may 5

This was us at 4 pm.  I was feeling done with the day, as Theo was a fusspot from after his first nap, until bedtime.  But luckily, at 4 pm, I was blissfully unaware that it was only going to get worse from there.  We went to a friend’s place for a potluck dinner, to meet her sisters who were in town, and also some of her other friends.  It really was lovely, and I was so happy we got to go, but Theo hadn’t slept well, and had woken up from his last nap at 2:30, so by 6, he was DONE, and basically screamed every time someone looked at him.  Oh well.  All we can do is hope tomorrow is better.

And after four nights of him not eating at night, and me sleeping on the sofa, I’m reclaiming my space in the bedroom (the couch was getting a bit lonely, and starting to hurt my back) so I’m hoping the night goes well.  Andreas and I are switching sides of the bed, as he’s on night duty now (since he doesn’t have tantalizing boobs like I apparently do) so I’m looking forward to a night of, at least not standing up.  Whoo!


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