Day 8

8. Blue

may 8


My little blue-eyes!  Funny thing–my mom has blue eyes, and my dad has dark brown.  My mom always wanted a blue-eyed baby, but all six of my siblings and I have brown eyes.  But with Andreas’s greenish-eye genes and my light-brown ones, we managed to have a blue-eyed baby!  I know there’s still a small chance they could change color, but it doesn’t look like they will, and my mom is pretty happy about at least a blue-eyed grandbaby.

Oh, and you’re getting another old photo today because Theo caught whatever it is that I still have and we’ve had a bit of a misery day together.  Thankfully, Andreas was able to take the day off as “child’s first sick-day” so I didn’t have to try to take care of both of us at once, which was a huge help, as we each scraped together about 3 hours of sleep last night, trying to help a miserable Theodore feel better.

He’s been sleeping on us on-and-off most of the day, which is actually kind of cozy because he’s normally not a particularly cuddly boy, so we’re soaking up the cuddles and the adorableness, but hoping it’s all over very soon.



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