Well, that wasn’t fun

We’re back!

Kind of.  We are back, but we’re not quite at full strength.  As proud as I was for keeping up with photo-a-day through those first few days of sickness, it was too much.  It may have been “just” a cold, but hot-dog was that a cold.  Two weeks later, and I still only feel at about 70%.  But I’m back to full-time laundry duty, making dinner every night, and doing everything else I always do, so things are pretty much back to normal.

A few things happened while we were gone, though!  When he seemed recovered, we night-weaned Theodore, who, apparently, was more than ready for it.  And shortly thereafter, we did a little round of sleep-training again, this time with astounding success.  Since he learned to sit up on his own, Theo has been sitting up and then pulling to standing the instant he’s awake.  Sometimes, even if he isn’t awake.  And then he’ll cry until I’d go lay him back down, and he’d fall asleep.  This would repeat several times a night, and WAY too many times at bedtime before he’d settle and go to sleep.  Finally, I decided that this was enough.  I knew he could sit and lay back down by himself, as he does it all the time during the day, so I thought I’d sit in the room with him while he fell asleep, and just read and basically ignore him, but just be there.  I was there for two hours as he cried, stood, sat, played, cried, pulled at my Kindle cord, cried, etc.  And then, without any anger or frustration, I just realized that this was not working, and I left the room, and (much to his chagrin) closed the door.  He yelled for 15 minutes before he laid down and fell asleep.  We tried the next night, and he yelled for 2 minutes, and slept through the night.  The entire night.  8:20-7:15.  And it was beautiful.  The trend seems to be continuing, and I am just so, so, so grateful for the better sleep.  I’ll never know if I should’ve done this earlier, or if he wouldn’t have been ready, but for now, I don’t really care, as long as he keeps it up.

There’s not much other news.  We’ve been blowing our noses, and coughing, and talking more loudly than usual because our ears are all blocked up and we can’t hear anything.  I coughed so hard and so much that apparently I pulled a muscle in my ribs (that’s what the doctor said) and it is incredibly painful.  It’s going on a week since it happened, and the pain isn’t any less.  Honestly, part of the reason we chose that night to sleep train is because my ribs hurt so badly when I have to get up from lying down (or even change position) that I really needed to not be getting up and down all night.

But I’m sure it’ll get better, and we’ll all be fully healthy again someday.  And when that day comes, we’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging!


3 thoughts on “Well, that wasn’t fun

  1. I pulled a muscle in my ribs when I was a teenager and I remember it hurting so bad, I did it though because I thought it would be a good idea to lift my brother over my head so he could shoot a basketball and then I felt so lame when I had to tell the doctor that!

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