And So It Continues…

Guys, I’m still sick.

I felt good for a total of about 8 days in all of May.  First with that terrible cold or flu or whatever the heck it was that left me with a pulled muscle or tendon or ligament in my ribs that STILL really hurts.  Then, after I was finally feeling back on my feet for a few days, food poisoning (or maybe stomach flu or whatever).  I was finally recovering from that and told my sister I was feeling pretty great when…eye infection.  And it’s awful.

Andreas and I have been in survival mode for the past month, and it’s really rotten.  I haven’t been able to meal plan, or when I have been able to, I end up getting sick again and not being able to cook!  Andreas has had to take a few emergency days off because I’ve been just too sick to take care of Theo, and I feel like such a nuisance to both him and his workplace.  I’ve had to cancel more than half of the plans I made with friends, and I’m just TIRED of it.

And I think Theo is too.  Either that or he’s teething but he’s the clingiest monster who is in the WORST mood the past few days.  And since I have to wear my glasses because of my eye infection, all he does is try to pull them off my face, or pull my hair out of my head.

I’ve had a bad month.

But all I can do is hope that June will be better (well, the rest of June.  The first day was terrible!), and move on.

Time to close my eyes and hope it’s magically healed by morning so I can actually… you know … see.  *crossing fingers*

How we've all felt for a solid month.

How we’ve all felt for a solid month.



2 thoughts on “And So It Continues…

  1. Ugh, I’m sorry you are feeling so crappy. Thats awful. I remember pulling a muscle in my ribs from coughing and it was so incredibly uncomfortable. I hope you start feeling better soon!

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