Does anyone else have as much trouble as I do titling things?

I’ve honestly not posted blogs because I couldn’t think of a title for them.  I’ve sat with my cursor patiently blinking in that title bar for ages without a single thought in my head.  I guess if I ever want to meditate, I could just open up a new post for the blog and effortlessly drain my mind of all thoughts.

But anyway, I’m mostly here to tell everyone that I’m better!  I’m all better!  Although it kind of seems like I shouldn’t say anything about it, lest fate hears me, and I fall ill again (sort of like telling people your baby is sleeping well), but I just can’t help it!

And on that note, my baby is sleeping well! (Best to do all the fate-tempting at once and get it out of the way, right?)  The only problem is that he sort of does these short screeches in his sleep every time he wants to change position or something, which wakes me, and it takes me forever to fall back to sleep, but as long as I don’t have to get up, I can’t complain too much.  It definitely makes me look forward to moving, though, so he can have his own room (and we can have ours back again!)!

And speaking of moving, we’re hoping to know in a couple of weeks whether or not we’ll get a newly-renovated three-bedroom apartment up in Farum.  It’s a good distance from the city, but close to a train line, and although Andreas will have a bit more trouble getting to work, and it’s a lot more expensive than here, we need the room, and we’ll at least be living closer to Andreas’s sister and her family, whom I would love to see more often!

I’d best get back to my relaxing weekend day (it’s a three-day weekend here in Denmark because of the Pentecost, which I don’t know what is, but if it gives Andreas a Monday off, I’m all for it!)  We had pretty busy days both Saturday and Sunday, so today is relaxation, baking, and long walk to a playground day which is going swimmingly so far!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful (illness-free, sleep-filled) weekend, and I’ll be back soon with more posts (although I’m not promising any interesting titles to go along with them).


4 thoughts on ““Untitled”

  1. Yay! Hope you’ll get the apartment 😀 It sounds great, I wish we had three rooms too, but I can’t complain..;) Glad to hear you feel better, I got the cold from hell too haha! But thank god it only lasted for a week..

  2. SO glad you are all feeling better! Have fun at the playground. I’d love to see some pics of the playground sometime, is it a nice one? You’re going to be having a lot of fun in a year when Theo is running around the playground climbing on everything! We can’t keep Talisa out of any part of the equipment now, we just to have to run around it as she climbs through things, making sure she doesn’t try to climb off the edge somewhere. not a relaxing time for me LOL

  3. lol about Pentecost. I also don’t know what half of these Danish vacations are for because they’re all based on religious holidays that I know nothing about. So I’m with you on that one. Glad to hear that things are looking up and that a move may be in your future!

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