All Weekends Should Have Three Days

After I’d been feeling burned-out and stressed for a few weeks, Andreas decided to take a Friday off to make a long weekend.  We didn’t make plans with anyone else, and decided to have a lovely family weekend–and we absolutely did!

Theo has been sleeping rather poorly for the last week or so, but I was determined not to let sleepiness take over Our Weekend, and we started by heading to the beach on Friday morning


With only a short burst of anxiety (over how much sand was getting into our food), the beach trip was a success!  And bonus: the only part of me that got sunburned was my part!  Extra extra bonus: I totally found mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! I haven’t seen it anywhere here in Denmark yet, but they had some at the ice cream stand at the beach, so you can bet I had some!  We had a relaxing evening at home after our day at the beach, and the next day headed out to do a bit of shopping, and stop by Torvehallerne, which is a sort of market in Copenhagen.  We loaded up on blueberries and had some “pizza claps” which is half a pizza, folded around some filling which was delicious!  I had potato pizza which had a salmon/dill/lettuce sort of filling and I definitely want to have it again!  On the way home, we stopped by the Middle Eastern market which is near our place to stock up on some things that the regular grocery stores here don’t have (black beans, cheap quinoa and couscous, and a couple other things).

That night, we planned a cozy evening to watch our last remaining episode of Sherlock (which we’re both totally in love with, by the way).  And by Sunday, we knew we needed just a plain old relaxing day, so we got out first thing in the morning to get our grocery shopping done (and what a difference it makes to be at the store at 9 instead of in the afternoon.  It was so empty and relaxing!) and spent the day just hanging out together, played Agricola, and then watched as Theo took his first steps!!!  He’s still only taken a few at a time (his record is six), but I have a feeling that this is why he’s been sleeping poorly lately–he was gearing up for the next big step (no pun intended, actually)!

This Monday was the first time in ages that I haven’t dreaded the week, and felt like I needed just a little bit more weekend, and it’s so wonderful to start the week refreshed, and not feeling behind on things, or shorted on family time.  All weekends need three days!


6 thoughts on “All Weekends Should Have Three Days

  1. So happy for a lovely weekend! I also am always on the hunt for mint n’ chip and was sadly misled by the new Hagen Daz mint leaves and chocolate, not good at all!

    • Oh dear, I’ll have to steer clear if I find that over here (although I’m pretty sure I’d still try it juuuuuust to see. That’s how desperate I am!) We tried Edy’s slow-churn mint chip when we were in the states, and I think that’s the best I’ve ever had–so good!

  2. So glad you had a nice weekend! I like going grocery shopping in the morning too. If you can get your hands on some peppermint extract, you could add a drop or two to a bowl of vanilla… that might do the trick! And, I have the same problem with food getting stuck in my teeth. It’s like we’re related or something…

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