The Day Theo Was a Perfect Baby

Yesterday was so awesome.

A friend of mine had organized a day trip to a nearby small town/countryside place.  There were five adults (four moms and a dad) and four babies.  The day started with two train rides, a bus ride, and a short walk to meet the other parents, and I was thrilled when it all went smoothly and according to plan–and Theo had gotten in a 45 minute nap.  We started out on our long walk, taking breaks for the needs of various babies.  Theo got to get out of the stroller and stretch his legs, and the views were so wonderful.  I felt a bit like I was back in Wisconsin, with the sweeping fields and small woods.  We stopped to buy some local honey, and then again later on for a picnic where all three mobile babies very much enjoyed themselves (and some watermelon).  After that, we went on a trek for a hot dog stand, which included some very rough terrain, but our stroller cleared it wonderfully, and except for some stinging nettle, we were all unscathed.  Theo slept most of the way through the fields/woods, but was quite happy when he woke up again upon our arrival at the aforementioned hot dog stand.

Believe it or not, all that took five hours without a single complaint from Theodore.  He’s never cleared a trip so well before, and I got to enjoy myself so, so much talking to the other parents, playing with the other babies, and just having such a relaxing day.  I know it won’t always be like this, and goodness knows it hasn’t always been like this, but I was just so grateful to have a good day out with Theo.  I was quite nervous, as I’ve never taken him so far from home by myself before, but it went incredibly smoothly.  And since there were so few of us, I was completely at ease talking to the others.

I just can’t believe my luck!

Theo ended the day with an illicitly smuggled marshmallow, and an early bedtime, and Andreas and I finished watching The Help, (which we both loved, and had me in tears by the end) and had a lovely relaxing evening as well, complete with chips and dip, and a few s’mores (because of course, I had to empty the bag of marshmallows that Theo had ripped open.)

I’m quite bummed that I forgot to take pictures all day, but I snagged one of Theo’s First Marshmallow, which he (very surprisingly) gave up quite easily after we let him enjoy half of it.


I’m pretty sure he’s communing with the marshmallow here…


3 thoughts on “The Day Theo Was a Perfect Baby

  1. So I have an unrelated question for you 🙂 I see from the picture that you guys are using cloth diapers, and I wanted to ask how that’s going? I’m thinking about cloth diapering but it doesn’t seem to be much of a thing here in Denmark. Do you have shared laundry? Can you find the diapers here in Denmark or can you get them online? Just curious about your experience with them here in Denmark. I’m loving Theo’s expression as he contemplates the deliciousness of his first marshmallow 🙂

    • It’s going great! I never really imagined going any other way, since cloth always made the most sense to me, and I’ve been really happy that it hasn’t been overwhelming at all! We do have our own washer in our apartment (but no dryer in this one, we will in the next.) and I wash diapers every other day. You can buy some diapers online in Denmark, and in a couple stores like PureBaby, etc. but they’re really uncommon and a lot more expensive than other places. We use prefolds with covers, and I ordered them from the UK, and then bought some more when I was in the US when Theo was 2 months old. Another option is to check DBA for people selling them–you can get a whole set for way less than you would pay for them new. I did that in the beginning, bought a set of lots of different types and brands from someone selling theirs, and then found out which worked best for us.

      • It’s nice to hear that it works so well for you guys. My hesitation is because we have a shared laundry. So apart from it maybe being weird and gross for the other people in our building, I’m worried about all the cycles you apparently need to do when washing each load (cold rinse, hot wash, hot rinse…). I don’t know that I’ll have that much uninterrupted time… Other than that, I think it would be easy and a good way to go. But that one issue may keep us in disposables. If we do decide to go with cloth, my parents are coming for the birth so I was thinking I could have them pack their suitcase full of diapers 🙂

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