I Survived!

Well, it’s two days later, and I survived! I feel like I’ve come out of the tunnel, and today, when I woke up and realized that Andreas was lying beside me, and I was going to have a day at home with no one but family, I was thrilled. I am 100% enjoying my “rest day” before another busy (but not quite so stressful) week. The sky is dark gray, and it’s chilly (I’m wearing a turtleneck in August, for goodness’ sake) but it’s really cozy and I’m just happy to be in my home with my family and have some time to recharge in my comfort zone.

I think as a college student, I totally underestimated the power of a “recharge.” I don’t think I’d gotten to know myself well enough to know that I really need some time away from things, happenings, stress, and people. But now that I do, and I can schedule it in, it helps immensely. I still get really stressed, especially when things are scheduled such that I don’t get my time to recharge, but if I know I’ll have it eventually, it give me something to look forward to, and I always know that afterwards, I will feel ready for action again. That no matter how worn down I get, at least I know what I need and what I can do to feel okay again.

So I know that after today, I will feel okay again. And ready to go to the dentist, the indoor playground, have Theo’s birthday, get Theo his shots, and have a couple of evenings alone while Andreas has a meeting and a party. And after all that, we’ll have another rest day, and I’ll be ready for whatever the next week holds.


4 thoughts on “I Survived!

  1. I completely relate to this. If I have multiple weeks in a row with activities planned, I have to make sure to schedule some down time. My perfect world consists of cold weather, home with M and Arlie, and cooking.

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