Just a short update to let everyone that we moved!  And we’re still alive!

It was an incredibly stressful week, not only with the move itself (Monday) but with going back to the old apartment to clean and paint (Tuesday/Wednesday), spending 7 and a half hours in IKEA (Thursday) and having an assembly marathon/getting so sick I couldn’t get out of bed (Friday/Saturday/Sunday).  But I’m getting better, and we’re about 60% done with furniture assembly, so we’re getting there!

It seems like everything we’ve tried to do this past week has taken three times longer than anticipated, which is frustrating, but everything is getting done, just at its own pace.  Today I was able to get out for some errands, and we’re hoping that tonight we’ll finally be able to put up the baby gate at the top of the stairs because not having to step over a drying rack/flattened cardboard boxes, or still-full moving boxes every time I need to go up or down the stairs would be great.  And if we could get the gates up before I break a leg, that would be even better.

Photos hopefully to come soon (you know, when we find the camera…) and I hope everyone else had a more relaxing last week than we did!


4 thoughts on “Moved!

  1. Congrats! Glad you’re settling in. And o.m.g. IKEA. It’s like a black hole. Every time we go in there, I feel like we turn around and suddenly it’s 4 hours later. Even when we go knowing what we want to buy! So I feel your pain 🙂

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