Day in the Life

The day started like any other–wake up to Theo making morning noises, morning nursing, diaper, clothes, and a bit of playing in Theo’s room.


Our Sunrise

We moved onto the first load of laundry, during which Theo did one of his very favorite things: getting in and out of laundry baskets.  Added bonus: I let him play with the diaper liners!


Too much excitement!

Next was oatmeal which was refused and replaced by toast before I remembered that my policy is to not make replacement foods for something he doesn’t want to eat.  Oops.

03-Breakfast 1 04-Breakfast 2

After breakfast was vacuuming time, which, now that we live in a bigger apartment takes a lot longer, but is easier (since I can vacuum more than one square foot of floor at once without having to move something off of it).


Vacuuming makes the little guy sleepy, so it was naptime next


During naptime, I kicked it into high gear productivity-wise.  First I cleaned the kitchen and tidied, mopped, organized some boxes in our bedroom to bring down to the storage unit, brought up Theo’s winter clothes to sort through, and even got to sit down for a pumpkin-cake and pomegranate snack before Theo was up again.  My favorite thing about going to get him is peeking at him through the keyhole first.  Cutie.

08-Wake up

He told me all about the birds he sees out his window


And then he helped me sort through the winter clothes.  By helping, I mean whining and being a try-it-on model.  Turns out, all the winter clothes are way too big (although techincally too small, size-wise)

"I can't put my arms down!"

“I can’t put my arms down!”

Then we went upstairs for a banana snack

11-Banana snack

Which was promptly sneezed out.  “Luckily” it all landed on my leg and Theo’s foot, and not on the freshly vacuumed and mopped floor!  I’ve never been happier to have banana clumps on my jeans.

12-Banana sneeze


I still hada lot of energy, so I decided to tackle something that’s been bugging me for a while.  The Cardboard Corner

13-Cardboard Corner

It’s been building up since we moved in, and contained (little to my knowledge): 3-week old food garbage, all the balled-up ads that we used to pack fragile kitchen things with, all the cardboard from every piece of IKEA furniture that we bought (which was a lot), lots of styrofoam, and plenty of plastic bags.  I started with flattening all of the packing-material ads, which Theo thought was fun at first, but he quickly grew bored and the whining started back up.


Apparently, he was completely starving, and whined all the way through my making him lunch.  I was basically losing my mind at this point…


But thankfully, after lunch he took a nap (after much coaxing) and I got a few more things done, including a couple more loads of laundry and some button-sewing-on.


I think I ended up with more single socks than I did pairs in this load…

He woke from his nap in a much better mood than he was when he went to sleep, so we had a quick yoghurt snack, and got back to work on the Cardboard Mountain.


19-Find Theo

Where’s Theo?

I thought that maybe I could finish up and surprise Andreas with the end result, but he came home too early!

20-Papa's Home

We finished up together, and did a few other little errands, which left no time for making dinner, but luckily we had lots of leftovers in the fridge!


Then it was time for bed (for the little one at least)

"Don't brush my teeth!  I'll do anything!"

“Don’t brush my teeth! I’ll do anything!”

Blowing goodnight kisses

Blowing goodnight kisses

And of course, goodnight high-fives

And of course, goodnight high-fives

Bedtime prayers and story (Harry Potter)

Bedtime prayers and story (Harry Potter)

After Theo went to sleep, , I tidied a bit around the upstairs, and admired my Cardboard Corner handiwork

27-Cardboard Corner 2

Then I made a late-night apple crisp (aaaand I just realized that I now refer to 8 pm as “late-night”), and we ended the night being cozy with a How I Met Your Mother mini-marathon.  Perfect!

26-Apple Crisp

4 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. Great pics, whatta cutie! The pic of him in the snowsuit is hilarious. I love making home made apple crisp, looks like you make it very similiarly to me and my mum!

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