Time Flies

This is getting ridiculous.

I just don’t know when I have the time to post anymore.  Let alone think of something to write about for a post.  Or remember to buy lemon juice because I KEEP FORGETTING TO.

But this will be a mighty quick update as I wait for cookies to cool before I spend some cozy time with Andreas because that is a top priority in this house.

The most significant change as of late is that Theo only takes one nap.  The transition is going pretty well, actually, and it’s really not as bad as I thought it would be, but it does mean less time to do the things that I can only do while Theo sleeps (certain chores, writing cover letters/job applications, writing on a blog, reading, knitting, breathing, etc.).  The days are just rushing by, and it’s almost November, which is crazy.

Andreas and I still have so much to do around the apartment, but the biggest two are: removing the enormous pile of cardboard to the recycling center (which isn’t easy because we don’t have a car), and putting up lamps (since it’s dark by 5 pm here now).  The lamp thing was supposed to be this weekend’s project, but as the delivery people 1. arrived 5 hours early, 2. can’t get into the building because the buzzer isn’t connected yet, and 3. apparently aren’t allowed to have phones so they can call us when they’re here, I don’t know when/if we’ll get the lamps that we ordered last week.  So for now, it’s one floor lamp in the living room, and candlelit dinners until we can get it figured out.

I’ll end this now so that we can squeeze in some date-night time together, along with some other little odds and ends of business before I go to bed early because for goodness’ sake, I’m so exhausted lately and don’t really know why.  My best guess is the extra hours of running around after Theo during the day, but who knows.  Hopefully more updates soon!

I'm far too cool for two naps a day...

I’m far too cool for two naps a day…


2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. The lack of lamps in apartments (even ceiling lamps!) really took us by surprise when we first moved here. We had to run out and buy a lamp our first night in our apartment, and spent a couple days moving it from room to room until we could get actual lights installed 🙂 As for the cardboard, can you schedule to have the large trash pickup people come and collect it? I don’t know if it’s the same in Copenhagen as in Aarhus, or if cardboard doesn’t count as large trash, but that’s what we were told to do. Though I’m sure Andreas knows as he is Danish 😉 Theo is getting so big! Hope your job search is going well!

  2. Ugh the delivery people are the worst here too! They always say the came and rang the doorbell but they did not so I have to go down to the store and lug the things home

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