How We Do Christmas

After all my muttering about job searching, I wanted to switch gears and talk about Christmas!

Now, we are a Baha’i family, and Christmas is not a Baha’i holiday.  So if you ask us if we celebrate Christmas, I’m not sure what I’d say.  Christmas is not our holiday.  It doesn’t hold the significance that it does for Christians, but let me tell you something.  If we’re going to get through this long, dim, gray winter, we’re going to need to celebrate something in December, so Christmas, it is!

We definitely don’t go as over-the-top as some, but we’re planning on decorating this year (including a small tree), we have some lights up, and I’m going to do plenty of baking, and we’re going to get together with family, eat nice, Christmassy food (and cookies!) and have a good time together.  Oh, and we’re going to listen to Christmas music and watch Elf more than Andreas wants to.

I have gone back and forth about if we should be doing Christmassy things, as a Baha’i family, but here’s the conclusion I came to: celebrating Christmas for us, is about the equivalent of celebrating Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day.  It’s a big part of the culture here.  It helps people keep winter depression at bay with candles and fairy lights.  It makes us feel happy and together and cheerful, and that’s why we’re doing Christmas.



2 thoughts on “How We Do Christmas

  1. We’re not an anything family (though we both grew up with the general, vaguely Christian childhood you often get in the US), so for us Christmas is also not a religious holiday. I also think about it as totally secular, similar to Thanksgiving, a good reason to celebrate with family during a dark time of year. (And of course give and get lots of presents!) I’m familiar with the dissonance of celebrating a religious holiday when you don’t believe in the religious underpinnings of so many of its traditions, but I totally think you can celebrate it in a purely secular way (especially in Denmark!) without needing to feel weird about it. Merry belated Christmas! 🙂

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