Yesterday, I felt like a mom

When I was younger, I, like most young children, played house.  Well…I played “Liz and Rose” in which my little sister and I (I was Liz, she was Rose) were two independent, career-driven women who had each adopted two children.  We had a toddler and a small baby each, and it seemed that more often than not, we played “disaster” rather than “happy day with children.”  This was probably spurred by the fact that disasters are much more fun (in pretend-world at least) and that we read a lot of Baby Blues.

Yesterday, I felt like that mom I used to pretend to be.  We were at the grocery store, doing some shopping on Andreas’s way home from work, and Theo was munching on a dried-fruit-bar-thing.  Until he threw up.  Lots of times.  All over.  Andreas and I sprang into action with the wet wipes that I had, thankfully, remembered to bring along this time, mopping up the floor, his snowsuit, gloves, boots, the cart…you get the idea.  We got the mess under control, quickly finished the shopping, then went out in the dark and the rain to load the groceries and Theo onto our bikes, and biked home as fast as we could.  We got home, soaking wet, sort of smelling like vomit, and late for a Skype date I had with my family back home.

I’m not pretending this is the only disaster we’ve had.  I’ve had disaster moments pretty much daily for the last 16 months.  But I think this was the first major disaster that was out in public and that I felt like we totally managed well.  Our teamwork was top notch yesterday.  My empathy unwavering, Andreas’s patience solid.  Unlike most disasters where I seem to lose my temper, or at least the will to clean up the mess, it felt like when I was playing mom.  If only I could take a break for hot chocolate and graham crackers…


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