Ups and Downs

This week so far has been host to plenty of ups and downs.  Here are a few:

We had a lovely, relaxing weekend–complete with a romantic after-Theo-went-to-bed Valentine’s Day meal (with cream puffs for dessert!) and a movie (Up!).

Sunday-got invited to an interview (my first interview since I started job searching! Up!) I was given a choice of date and time and chose Monday at noon.  But no one ever wrote back to confirm (dooooown). Cue anxiety about the interview plus anxiety about not knowing when it was going to happen, cue nightmares.

Monday-still no word on the interview, so I called two numbers, got a full voicemail box and then another voicemail where I left a message, asking for confirmation about the interview.  12:30, someone calls, confused, thinking we had an appointment.  She said she wrote back to confirm, but I never received the email–hence all the confusion.

I get an interview on Wednesday, but now feel rather as if my attractiveness as a candidate is lowered.  Try to remind myself that I was once an hour and a half late for an interview, and still got that job.  (slight up?)

Have to bike through vicious winds to pick up Theo from daycare.  I HATE biking in the wind.  (Dooooooooown.)

Theo and I play a game where I stick my tongue out, he tries to poke it, and I close my mouth just in time–Theo is in hysterics, literally falling to the floor laughing (Up!)

I get Theo to take a bath without complaining once (using bubbles as a bribe, up!)

There’s lots more going on, but this is just a mini update of sorts.  My job interview is tomorrow, so I’m rather preoccupied by that.  Luckily, it’s at 10:30 in the morning, so although I’m bummed I didn’t get it over with on Monday, at least it’s in the morning, and I can hopefully relax away some of the stress afterwards.  Wish me luck!


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