Comfort Food

When I hear the words “comfort food” I think of a bowl of thick, creamy, saucy macaroni and cheese.  But I think that has more to do with society than myself, although now that I think about it, when would I ever say no to macaroni and cheese?  Well, except right now.  Because I’m fasting.

I’m participating in the Baha’i Fast for the first time in three years.  For the past two years, I was either pregnant, or breastfeeding, and while Theo still nurses twice a day, I felt like I was up for it this year.

It’s actually been going relatively well–better than I expected.  But one thing I didn’t expect in the first few days, was the realization of how often I use food for comfort.

When I come back from dropping Theo off at daycare, usually damp and windblown (thanks biking and Danish weather), I look desperately forward to a cup of coffee.  Job searching is nicer with a piece of toast, and I’m always excited about leftovers for lunch.  But while fasting (only eating and drinking before sunrise and after sunset), I can’t use food for comfort, or at least not while the sun is up, and it’s nice to be forced to look to other things for comfort–I’ve been saying more prayers, more fully immersing myself in hobbies, and…well…the other day I played the entire bag of Bananagrams by myself.  I’m hoping that, even after the Fast is over, I’ll remember some of these other things that give me comfort–and maybe not always turn to the cookie jar.

But I have to say that, as much as I’m trying to get out of this Fast, and as happy as I am to be participating in it, I’m also looking forward to lunch…next weekend.

3 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. The food for comfort thing is So strong. I have stopped snacking at night for thr most part in the past 2 months. It has not been easy. Occasionally I still have. Day where I go ahead and indulge, but for the most part I have “recovered” from the need to bedtime snack. It wasn’t about hunger (though I felt hunger since I was used to it) since now I don’t feel the hunger anymore. I am trying to go for fruits during the day when I do feel I need a snack. Of course I am writing this on the day that I DID have a piece of chocolate AND a bedtime snack. It was that kind of day….

    • Yeah, even before the fast, I was trying to sort of change my eating habits–saving the special treats for the weekend nights. But I’m not quite up for cutting out my nighttime snacking entirely, haha! I’ve been making tiny changes every once in a while for a long time, and I think overall, I’ve been able to keep up with everything, and not feel like I’m missing anything, so that’s really nice.

      But yeah, I know those kinds of days. Hope the bedtime snack helped!

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