19 month-old Theodore

I thought since I’m doing a 19-day fast, I might as well make a 19-month update on our Theodore!  He’s not quite 19 months yet, but he was due more than 19 months ago, so it counts!


Theo is slowing down very, verrrrry slightly.  He’ll come over with a book, and back into our laps to have some reading time, and he’ll sometimes sit on the couch with us for a few minutes at a time.  That said he’s still very much a busy body, and while he usually wants one of us to be actively playing with him, we’re trying to encourage him to play more independently as well.  I was going to try to list his favorite toys, but it seems he plays with pretty much everything he has pretty routinely.  We gave him a toy kitchen for Ayyam-i-Ha which was a big hit.


He’s loving being outside, and the weather has been sunny and spring-like lately.  He even climbed the stairs and went down a slide on his own at the playground the other day!

Theo is opinionated, but I’m getting more patient with his outbursts, and much more able to handle them effectively.  He’s getting better at listening, and I’m sometimes amazed at how quickly he understands something.  For example, recently we wanted him to stop dragging the kitchen chairs and stools around, since he was so fast, and he could easily get up on the kitchen counter (KNIVES!) or over to the half-wall by the stairwell (FALL!).  I was prepared for a long and frustrating situation, but after only a few “confrontations” he quickly understood that he may not pull the chairs around on his own, and he’s hardly attempted since.

Theodore is speaking!  He’s been slowly on the road for a long, long time, but he’s finally starting to come with words out of nowhere, and it is amazing!  I noticed it mostly yesterday, and it just bowled me over.  He’s saying: Up, help, Mama, Papa, Nanna, car, cow, bird, home, apple, and banana.


Reading the dictionary–building vocabulary!

I think it has something to do with Theo speaking, and also with the fact that he’s just tipped past the one-and-a-half-year point, and that Two Years is the next big milestone, but for the first time, I’m actually feeling the “my baby is growing up so fast!”

Physically, he doesn’t seem to be growing that fast, however.  He hasn’t put on an ounce in the last six months, although I’m pretty sure he’s gotten taller, considering all the clothes that are piling up in the too-small bin.  He had his first haircut in February.

Haircut 1


Theo is still doing great with daycare.  He’s in the guest daycare right now, as his normal caretaker is on vacation, and while he cried when I dropped him off the first several days at the new place, he’s settled in nicely.  Today, he was so eager to greet a friend that he tripped over his own foot and landed splayed out on his belly on the floor.

Eating is going really well, as it always has.  He’s eating more vegetables, and he eats rugbrød and lunchmeats at school.  He’s even started trying and eating some meats at home.  I was never worried about his protein intake, but it’s nice to know that he’s eating more diversely.  Last week I made enchiladas, and he ate the whole enchilada!  If he doesn’t happen to eat much dinner, I try not to stress about it.  Sometimes I’ll offer bread and butter, sometimes, you can just tell he’s not hungry, but it’s quite rare that Theo will get something other than what the rest of us are eating at dinner.

Keeping up with Theo while fasting has its challenges–I’ve found that that last hour or two before sunset would go a lot faster if Andreas and I could play a board game, or chill out to a TV marathon, but it sort of drags when you’re building towers, and constantly being pulled by the index finger to another location in the house to play (which is often the kitchen.  Where the cookies are.)

All in all, things are going really well.  He sleeps, he eats, he plays, and he is learning things at a mind-boggling rate.  Also, he has discovered that you can see the pictures on the back of the camera, so getting any pictures of him has gotten incredibly difficult, but I’m doing my best!

This kid is the best!


2 thoughts on “19 month-old Theodore

  1. Thanks for the update! Yes, the photo thing is difficult! I can now tell Talisa that I have to take the photo first, THEN she can see it. But she still doesn’t give me much time to actually take that photo!

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