Sunday Currently: Take One

So, inspired by the lovely Hemborg Wife (who was directly or indirectly, I assume, inspired by this), I’ve decided that this week is the week I do a Sunday Currently!  I can’t commit to doing them every Sunday, or even many Sundays.  Who knows what future Sundays will bring?  But for now, let’s look at Sunday, currently:

Reading: A few days ago, I started The Lake of Dreams, and I’m hoping to make some time for reading this coming week, even with the holidays.

Listening: Today was an oldies playlist sort of day, as I tried to get Theo to dance instead of getting into mischief.  It didn’t work.

Thinking: About the fact that it’s already after my bedtime, but I can’t procrastinate this since it has to be done on Sunday!

Smelling: Shampoo.  I ran out of body wash months ago, and have been using shampoo ever since…

Wishing: That we would have done the grocery shopping today, instead of putting it off

Wearing: Pajamas! Which today includes the sweatpants I bought while in labor.

Loving: The bag of mixed candy I got at Nam Nam Slik.  I hadn’t been to the candy store in months, and decided that since the Fast was over, I’d treat myself!

Wanting: A job.

Needing: To cut my fingernails. I can tell when they get too long, as they slow down my super-human-speed typing, and make it uncomfortable.

Feeling: Weird.  This weekend was productive, but I feel quite worn out, which isn’t the mood I like to start my week in.  It’s also going to be a strange week, with Theo in the big daycare (because of the Easter holidays).  I’m also keeping him home one day to go into town and maybe hang out with a friend, I’m watching my nephew for a day, then it’s Andreas’s birthday, and we’ll hopefully have brunch with abovementioned friend.  I know in the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal, but I always get a bit thrown off by changes in schedule, and extra busy-ness.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday that didn’t involve as much dog poop on toddler-sneakers and spilled milk as mine!


One thought on “Sunday Currently: Take One

  1. Glad to inspire you and I was originally inspired by the posts you linked too! I also will run out of a product and just substitute a similar one and it drives Fredrik crazy!

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