I’m back! (In more ways than one)

I am back!  We are back!

Our three-week stint in the US has come to an end, and we are back in Denmark.  I am also back to blogging!  I’ve had so many ideas for posts lately, and really want to get back to sharing our day-to-day life.  It was hard enough to eke out a few minutes for myself when we were visiting family, so blogging was a no-go.  Before our trip, life was so fast-paced, that catching up on anything felt beyond me, but after a nice rest, a little slow-down, and a break from making dinner every day, I feel up for it again, so here I am!

Our trip was, in a word, fabulous!  Theodore is a great traveller, apparently.  And even though travelling with a well-travelling toddler is still exhausting, both plane trips went as smoothly as possible!  There were very few tantrums, very little fussing, and Theo contended impressively with the lack of sleep, dry cabin air, and befuddled time zones.  He loved gazing out the airport windows at the planes, and adores moving sidwalks.  He soaked up the praise of all those around him, and proudly marched, back-pack-laden through five airports.

The time spent with family was awesome.  We played so many games, ate so many treats, had fun outside, and Theo was thrilled to see that the family he had gotten to know via Skype were not television characters, but real live people.  Everyone was taken with his silly antics, and even the dog, Tootsie, was incredibly patient.  The cat was less-so, but…what else do you expect from a cat?

I have a few separate posts planned about our trip to the states, so I don’t want to spoil too much here, but just know that we had a magical trip, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences!

This was pretty much his face during the whole trip

This was pretty much his face during the whole trip


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