One of the perks of visiting my parents is their expansive back, front, and side yards, and Theo was more than ready to take advantage.  Especially the first half of the trip was wonderful weather, and we spent many an hour on the “fwing.”

Theo discovered bugs, toads, cats, and deepened his interest in birds.  He was amazed that there were cows, just waiting to be gazed at, right next door.  He learned to pluck flowers (mostly dandelions, luckily), and got dirty, grass-stained, wet, and loved it.


Frolic Wagon

I spent most of my childhood roaming these grounds, and it was really fun to see Theo following in some of my tiny footsteps.  He discovered a litle pocket of rocks, that I think is meant to help with drainage from the drainpipe, but which I always thought was a troll-cave.  The swingset is a different one than the one I grew up with (and thank goodness, because I am fairly certain that it would have crumbled into a heap of rust-crumbs if it did still exist, and someone attempted to swing on it).  He had so much fun playing on it, though, and surprised us all with his superb climbing skills (which he inherited from Andreas, and definitely not from me).



On a mission



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