The Hermit Crab Update

It’s time for an update from us!  Actually, it was probably time a while ago, but here’s the truth: I have an iPad.  And I have almost completely stopped using my laptop because of it, which means that blogging just doesn’t happen as often.  However, I have been out of commission for a few days (thanks, stomach bug) and I’m still trying to rest up, but needing to feel a bit more accomplished than I have after two days of Property Brothers, naps, and Friends.  Therefore, after a morning of light laundry, finishing a birthday banner, and starting to crochet my mom a new potholder after burning hers (oops.), I thought a blog update would be a good thing to add to the list.

June has felt like a really busy month for us.  Andreas started a new job at the beginning of the month, which meant weird hours for a little while.  We spent a short weekend with my in-laws, which was great, and I got the ball rolling by signing up for Danish classes and meeting with an advisor about my next steps with furthering my education.  Then we had a bit of illness, a visit from my childhood friend, and then some super illness.  I feel in some ways that I haven’t caught my breath since before our trip to the states, which doesn’t help when all the thoughts about our future form a cloud of confusion, doubt, and waiting and overwhelm me.  

I have concrete steps to take right now, finding out which programs are most interesting for me, and what exactly I need to do to qualify, but the fact is that I will most likely have to take some supplemental classes, and it seems that the absolute soonest I could really start with something is in the fall of 2016 which feels awfully far away, especially when I think about how our plans for a possible sibling for Theo depend on my “doing something” which means having some sort of income on my part (either working or going to school full time).  But on the other hand, after having lived the life I do for so long, the thought of going out into the world every day and working or being in school again is devestatingly nerve-wracking.  And the prospect of seeing Theo any less than I do now, while most likely necessary, is not one I welcome.  

I routinely crawl into bed with my head swimming in options, problems, solutions, and drowning in worry.  I am hoping to use the next couple of weeks to clear my head and take those next concrete steps, and rather hope that my overwhelmtion will slowly subside.  

In other news, it seems that summer hasn’t quite found us yet, but it seems to be just on the horizon, and I am looking forward to some beautiful weather!  Our wedding anniversary is also coming up, which I hope we find a fun way to celebrate.  Theo is also doing spectacularly.  He is speaking a lot more Danish, and putting more words together.   For the first time yesterday, completely out of the blue, he specifically asked for the red cup.  Who is this small child requesting cups, knowing his colors, and being strangely agreeable in the mornings when we’re heading off to daycare?!  He becomes more lovable every day, and I couldn’t be more grateful for how wonderful and easy he is, especially at a time when I’m facing challenges in other big parts of my life.  


One thought on “The Hermit Crab Update

  1. “after having lived the life I do for so long, the thought of going out into the world every day and working or being in school again is devestatingly nerve-wracking”–I feel you. Definitely in the same spot. Well wishes from America as you sort through your options!

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