Sunday currently: Round Three

Reading: Thinks… By David Lodge, which I thought was called David Lodge Thinks… and then was confused when there were no characters called David Lodge… Not a super proud moment 😉


Listening:  to Theo saying “ow…ow…ow…” as he bonks heads repeatedly and untiringly with Andreas

Thinking: About the Pico de Gallo I’m going to make for dinner!
Smelling: The fresh air coming in the open door!
Wishing: That all weekends were longer and that I was done with all my business so I could totally Relax!

Loving: How super relaxed and lazy this weekend has been

Wanting: More summer weather!

Needing: To get important things squared away

Feeling: Worn out and refreshed at the same time, my sister-in-law has been visiting for a while so we’ve been going overboard with the game playing and staying up later than usual, but it has been so fun!


2 thoughts on “Sunday currently: Round Three

    • I know, right?! I thought it might just be me, since I don’t look at a whole lot of book covers, but if you, the reader of a million books see it, too, it must actually be confusing! Thanks for making me feel better 😉

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