Reading: I’m a good bit into “Flygten til America” which is a translation of a German book.  It is a pretty good read, and a good start for reading Danish in my free time!
Listening: To Peppa Pig… Theo enjoys it, and honestly, so do I!  I think it’s downright hilarious!

Thinking: About who is going to do the grocery shopping, since we didn’t do it as a family today (hint: it will probably be me)

Smelling:  Lasagna!  We had leftovers from Theo’s birthday party so no making dinner tonight!

Wishing: That my homework was already done…

Planning: On a cozy evening and hopefully my first good night’s sleep in a week!

Wearing:  Nothing terribly exciting…shorts, a tank top, and a braid that I slept in 😉 It has been a frightfully lazy Sunday.

Loving: Coffee.  With earlier mornings and much, much more to do lately, it has been a luxury every time I get to finish a cup.  I think a Thermos would be a very sensible buy at this point,

Wanting: To get into a good routine so I’m not so nervous for the weekdays.

Using: My new phone!  My old one finally stopped being able to even text, so it was unavoidable.  But on the plus side, I can use the new one for Instagram, so that’s exciting!

Feeling: A little overwhelmed, but like the worst is over!

Watching: We’re watching Terminator 2 in short installments, which is actually pretty fun.


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