Sunday Currently

Reading: A book Theo picked out for me at the library called “Strong Wills” or something if the sort.  Turns out, it’s the fourth in a series, but I think I’ll finish it anyway, and maybe read the rest afterwards
Writing: Things for my Danish class…although we had a weekend without an essay this weekend, which has been super!  Not that I ever write it before Monday anyway, but it’s nice that it hasn’t been hanging over my head.
Listening: to How I Met Your Mother in the background 
Thinking: That we had better start our movie soon if I want to stay awake through it
Smelling: Spaghetti and meatballs
Wishing: That Theo would fall asleep soon so I could start to unwind
Wearing: Pajamas.  If it’s after 7 pm, it’s pajamas
Loving: How much we have gotten accomplished in the last month
Needing: To relax
Wanting: To know what I want to be when I grow up
Feeling: a smidgen overwhelmed
Clicking: my blog subscriptions, wishing that more people wrote blog posts in the weekend!


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