Happy Thanksgiving!

While we are not celebrating Thanksgiving properly until Saturday, I wanted to write today (and the fact that we are not Thanksgivinging today is also the reason I have time to sit on my butt and actually write this). I wanted to write to express how incredibly excited I am for Thanksgiving.  Honestly, I am beaming and giddy as Theo is when I tell him he may have a piece of candy (which is pretty much as beaming and giddy as it gets, by the way).  

And amidst all the giddiness and lists (Thanksgiving is a very serious affair, so at least 6 lists are needed, if not 13), I realized that a big part of the reason that I am giddy, is also one of the things I have been most thankful for–so it all fits rather perfectly.  I am giddy because I am so excited to have Thanksgiving with my in-laws.  Don’t get me wrong, it is my own wonderful family that started all the traditions I hold so dear, and I would love to be spending Thanksgiving with all of them, but that is simply not my reality.  However, my reality is really, really great.  My Danish family have embraced the tradition wholeheartedly (I mean, what’s not to embrace, it’s mounds of delicious food), and I am so grateful.  

Thanksgiving to me is lots of people gathered, cooking, playing games, and talking–all day.  And that is what I have gotten ever since we moved to Denmark.  I’m so thankful to have been able to take a little bit of my home with me, and thankful that it fits so snugly into my life here.  I’m thankful that Theo is also having Tnanksgivings not too different than the ones I remember (albeit without the parade or dog show, unfortunately).  I’m so thankful that the terrifying, difficult, life-changing thing it was to move here is made as calm, safe, and familiar as it possibly could be. And I’m so thankful that I have so many wonderful memories and little traditions from my family that I want to carry on.

Here’s to family–original and in-law!

PS- I sincerely promise to come back with also with actual photos, hopefully of both food and really cute children. So stay tuned!