Resolutions Two Weeks In

It’s not often that I actively think about my New Year’s Resolutions after the first couple of days.  Which is why I generally don’t make very many of them.  But this year is different somehow.  I think because the resolutions have been in the works for a long time–they’re real ways I need to change.

I actually have printed and organized photos (and put them in a photo album AND organized by date all of my old photos back to the year 2000, which, strange as it seems, was actually a really long time ago).  I organized and reformatted my entire recipe collection, took care of old taxes and this year’s taxes, and even started knitting myself a cardigan.  *high five*

A couple things that helped me get these things done (to look at next year, when it’s mid-January, and I definitely haven’t accomplished any of the goals I set in my New Year ferver):

-Sitting down at the desk.  This is something that’s new to me, as I haven’t had a desk since I lived on campus, but we recently finished our two-person desk/office area, and it helps a lot with focus to sit down there, with nice focused lighting, and really check things off the to-do list.

-Making a list.  This past weekend, Andreas and I made a list with all of the little loose ends that we’ve been meaning to take care of on it.  And we finished it.  Like…all the way.  This was incredibly helpful, and it was fun to work together on accomplishing something.  Bonus: We also found out what was making the weird noise in the washer and (after hours of fiddling) managed to free the offending bobby pin!

-Journaling.  This has more to do with the “positivity” resolution, but I find that journaling helps me be able to find the positives, express my gratitude, and boosts my mood because my journal is a very pretty color.

In update news, I’ve started online school, and so far, it’s going great.  But we haven’t started the groupwork yet, so we’ll see.  I have to say, that studying business in Danish doesn’t seem all that much more difficult than it would be to study in English, because of all the new terms I have to learn anyways.  I’m really liking studying so far–I just really like to learn new things, and it is actually really, really nice to be able to do it in the comfort of my own home instead of in a classroom where I’m constantly thinking about how large the sweat-rings under my arms are getting.

Studying at home does, however, lead to more Facebook and blog checks than I’d like to admit.  Speaking of which, I’d better get back to it.


In a Theo-update: This is Theo and the squirrel-baby that he named Rafael (after the ninja turtle).  It is very important to Theo that Rafael has enough lip balm on at all times.

2 thoughts on “Resolutions Two Weeks In

  1. Yay, I love hearing from you. Sounds like you are getting stuff done, which makes me really jealous! And that photo of Theo! Love!!

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