Taxes Schmaxes

Andreas once complained about doing his taxes.  When I asked him what he had to do, he said he had to log on to the tax-system-thing (which required him to go DOWNSTAIRS to get his log-on card) and check to make sure all of the supplied information was correct.

Then, I waited, expecting him to finish his story.  Only…that was it.  That was the story.  That was his taxes.  Bully for him.

I thought taxes were confusing in college when I wasn’t sure if I was a dependent or not.  Or if I could deduct the price of my schoolbooks.  And then I moved overseas and promptly stopped filing my taxes, because I was making zero income, so I don’t have to, right?  Only then, three years later, someone told me that if you live abroad, you have to file your taxes regardless of how much you make.

So, I immediately began researching how to make good on my American taxes, because the thought of a letter showing up from the IRS telling me I was in deep trouble filled me with dread.  So, after enough IRS surfing to make anyone crazy, I finally figured out how to do my delinquent taxes.  And then, just as I had filled out every form, signed every statement, and paper-clipped it all up neatly, I happened across a pamphlet that said you don’t have to file if you made under $4,000.  And then I also found out about another form I had to submit.




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