A Tiny Tribute to Toys

I was sitting on the couch the other day with Andreas (our NEW and AWESOME couch, by the way, which deserves its very own post), and I mentioned that I hoped I would never forget some of Theo’s little eccentricities.  He suggested that I write them down (duh.) and I thought I’d do it here, because what better place?

First and foremost is the Mustache Purse.

This is a purse I got from my sister as a birthday present, I believe, about twelve years ago.  It was actually featured here before in a post of pink things before Theo was born and took over everything.  Now, he uses it to carry around pieces of a wooden puzzle that he has decided are mustaches:


The following are Theo’s “construction vehicles” as they must be called.


The excavator on the left is Theo’s personal property.  The front loader in the middle is what I am allowed to play with.  The concrete mixer is only good for taking the concrete mixing part off and whistling into it.  The sign must be present at all times.

Last, but not least, is the car:


The red bag isn’t always there, but this is how I found it when I went to go take a picture for the blog…

This car has been probably the most popular toy in our home. Every time my nephew comes over, it’s the first thing he gravitates towards, and he usually doesn’t give it up until it’s time for food.  The best thing about it is that the seat opens up, and you can put things inside!

Things I’ve found inside the car:

  • All of Theo’s blocks
  • My pearl bracelet
  • Three bags of brown sugar
  • Used kleenexes
  • My phone
  • Gaga (Theo’s special stuffed duck)


My silly guy