Our Home

I’ve actually been waiting aaaaages to do this post, but what it really needed were photos of our entire home (taken by myself) and so it was a long wait.

But I have recently finished up with exams, and the day after I was done, I felt a compulsion to basically tidy and clean the house from bottom to top, and I took the opportunity to snap some photos.  None of them are perfect, but if we’re waiting on perfection, we’re waiting forever, so here goes!

First of all, we love our home.  We periodically exclaim to each other how much we love our home, and how lucky we feel to live in it.

When you come in, we have a little entrance


The little bench was our first furniture purchase together, and one of very few pieces in the house that isn’t from IKEA 😉  We made the coat hooks ourselves, and love having so much space to hang things, and it’s easy to keep this area tidy!  I think the stairs are beautiful, but they’re a bit impractical, especially with a toddler and a klutz.  But we manage!

If you look to the other side you can peek into the laundry room:


Under the counter to the left lurks a huge pile of assorted trash that needs to be taken to the recycling center, and we also keep all the tools and tool-y type things here.  To the right here is the large bathroom:

When I say large, I am speaking in relative terms, of course.  We’re not the biggest fans of the one-piece-plastic bathrooms, but this one is white, has a tub, and is big enough for some storage, so we’re happy enough.

Downstairs are also the two bedrooms.  We took the bigger one, because our bed fit in it:


The bookshelf is basically empty because we had to move it from upstairs, and couldn’t decide if we wanted to sell it or keep it.  So it’s there for now…  We also have a little terrace outside here, as you can see.  We mostly use it for growing veggies in the planting-boxes, and hanging clothes.  Too many spiders out there for anything else.

Then there’s Theo’s room:

He has a cozy bed, a changing table that hasn’t been used in about a year, more storage than he really needs, and an awesome wall-hanging/play mat that Andreas’s aunt made when he was a kid.

Then it’s time to go upstairs to the living areas!

This is a great kitchen!  It’s big enough for me and my projects.  There’s place for a little pantry (left of the fridge), some stools at the counter, which has always been a dream of mine, and a dishwasher, hoorah!  It’s easy to keep clean, and really light because of the slanty windows.  Across from the kitchen is the dining room:


It’s a bit plain with no art, but we’re here mostly to eat, and I think it’s kind of a cute, simple room anyway.  We keep the electric piano here, and I practice while I wait for my coffee water to boil 😉  Off the hall to the living room/office is a closet and through that, the second bathroom:

So…the bathroom is orange.  There’s a completely orange shower to the left.  The buildings were built in the seventies if you can’t tell…  The closet is a bit of a mess (wasn’t included in the top-to-bottom tidying), but it’s usually like that, so I didn’t want to cheat too much!  The living room is where we spend most of our time:


This couch is our prized possession, having gotten it in February.  We LOVE it.  There’s a bit of a pile-of-stuff corner developing, but I’m just so happy with the couch that I haven’t addressed it yet.  I had also just taken down all the curtains for washing and hemming, which I’m proud to say that I totally completed in two days, and they’re back up now.  Outside is the bigger terrace, where we grow more flowers and herbs, and have our patio furniture.  Eating dinner out here in the summer is amazing!  It’s just starting to be warm enough to eat outside, and we are looking forward to an entire summer of it!  This side of the apartment faces west, so the sun is full-on here in the evening, and it’s rather sheltered from the wind, so it’s perfect!  Across from the living room is the office:

The room-separator/bookshelf always looks sort of messy, but I haven’t thought of a solution for that yet, so I just let it be.  The bottom three rows belong to Theo’s toys.  Then we have our sleeper couch, a rug I picked at IKEA just because I liked it, and the little art-thing that I made shortly after we moved in, with one of our favorite quotes.  The desk is a solid wood top, with IKEA legs and drawers, and we love it!  Our cozy office corner is perfect!

And that’s our home!  I’m always curious to see how others live, so I thought I would finally share ours!  Of course there are always ongoing projects, and nothing is ever finished, but we are at a point where the projects are slowing down, and we’re so happy living here.