The Summer of Zeta

There is finally good news to share on the employment front!

I recently signed a trainee contract with a business/IT consultancy firm.  I’ll be a “Finance Trainee” for the next two years, starting in September.  This means that I have nearly three months to not worry about job-searching, enjoy my “summer vacation” and get ready for the next, exciting step in my life!

As I sat thinking about this after I had received my great news, the only thing I could think of was “I proclaim this, the Summer of Zeta!”  I haven’t seen all that much Seinfeld, but the summer of George scene was somehow stuck in my brain.

I do plan on reading a book, from beginning to end.  And although I probably won’t be frolfing, I’ve got the fruit thing down–it’s cherry and strawberry season!  One of the best times of the year!

Basically, I have been thinking more about my New Year’s resolutions, and re-resolving them for the summer!  I’m making concrete lists of things I want to do, accomplish, and enjoy for the next few months, and trying to plan in advance for special events (our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up, and Theodore’s 3rd birthday!).

The fall is going to be busy, and I’m about as nervous as I am excited!  So I want to make this summer count.  I want to get ready for a little bit of a faster-paced life.  I want to soak up family time, have adventures, and entrench myself in my hobbies so they don’t fall away entirely when life gets busier.

I’m looking forward so much to being busier, moving on, learning new things, and meeting new people.  And I’m also looking forward to a last hurrah.  A period of flexibility and freedom without the worry and anxiety of “what’s next”

So here’s to the Summer of Zeta! I’ll keep you posted!  That’s one of my resolutions after all 😉




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