Bedroom Cozification

As the Summer of Zeta progresses, I have been slowly making my way through the Summer of Zeta list.  One item on the list was to cozify our bedroom, as it has been, until now, quite bare and boring.  White walls, white furniture, and some black and gray didn’t make for much to look at, so I set out to bring in some color and fluffiness to the bedroom.

Now that I look at them, the “before” shots almost look a bit drab and sad on purpose, but that’s just how it was!



I set myself a budget of about two thousand kroner to spend on the bedroom, and I think I was within my limits.  The paint was probably the most expensive thing–the rest of the things were the result of a solo-IKEA trip.  Being alone in IKEA is wonderful in one respect, as there is no one to second-guess my decisions, or ask 17 times for a fruit bar and then jump on the display beds, but the downside is that I had only myself to lug the 20 kilos of IKEA things that I bought home (half a mile to the bus stop, on two different busses, and half a mile home from the bus stop).  But the result was well worth it–a room that I actually want to cuddle up in!



There’s still a couple of things I wasn’t able to get done–like handles for the wardrobe, or a piece of art/wall hanging over the bed, but already I felt like it was inviting and cheerful.  Also, we’re finally sleeping under one duvet, and I love it!

I was able to finish up just in time to use it as a guest room (for my brother and his girlfriend who came to visit!) and also for our five-year anniversary, which is in two days!  Andreas has planned a secret trip away for two nights and three days while Theo bunks with his cousins.  We leave tomorrow morning, and I am so excited, albeit a little bit nervous for leaving Theo overnight (I never have!).  But it will be well worth it, and I can’t wait for a little getaway.  Now I must plan the snack list, because a little bird told me we’ll be driving a bit, and what is any road trip, even a mini-one, without snacks?


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