Theo at three and a half

I have plenty I could write about that involves myself, work, and the twin pregnancy, but today, I want to talk about Theo being three-and-a-half. 

At this point, Theo is definitely a bilingual kid. I honestly don’t know what he speaks better, English or Danish. He speaks more Danish on a daily basis at the moment, and it’s sometimes hard for him to switch over to English at home. He also used plenty of Danglish, inserting words from the opposite language when there just isn’t a good substitute, but I do the same, so I think he’ll be fine 😉 

Speaking of speaking, Theo does it a lot. He is the chatterbox of all chatterboxes. It sometimes seems that he never stops talking, and it is sometimes a bit of a hindrance if we need to get something done, as he seems not to be able to talk and do anything else at the same time. But it really is awesome being able to have longer, meaningful conversations, and really hear his take on things–when I’m not trying to get him to put on his snowsuit and get home from preschool, that is…

Right now, Theo is very into purple, which suits me just fine, because buying purple things feels like it makes sense, when we have two little girls waiting to inherit his clothes. (Although really, they could dislike purple as much as Theo currently dislikes blue…who knows?). He also really likes to wear tights, so we just bought a bunch in the next size up as all of his were definitely too small. He plays primarily with the other, older girls at preschool, but I think he spends time with the boys as well, as much as he talks about Hulk and Spider-Man.

His favorite toys at home are probably Play-Doh and construction vehicles, and we got him some kinetic sand for Ayyam-I-Ha that should be pretty fun to use with his smaller construction vehicles. It’s also a plus that it’s something that can be played sitting in one spot, and that’s about all I can play with him at the moment (and for the next few months). We also do a lot of reading, which he loves. We’ll have to start taking more frequent trips to the library! He also loves helping in the kitchen, and I love having his company there, although I do tend to get stressed out for silly reasons like messes, and prefer if Andreas is also there for backup 😉

Theo washed, plucked, and sliced all of the grapes for the Thanksgiving fruit salad

About a month ago, he relinquished his pacifiers (favis) to the pacifier-tree, and in their place received a real, big-boy bike! Within a week, he could bike long stretches, but we haven’t practiced starting and stopping on his own yet. I have no doubt that in the spring, he’ll be an expert, which is great, because I almost can’t lift him onto the back of my bike anymore! The pacifiers were a much smaller deal than I had feared. He was sad at bedtime a few nights, but slept through every night, and has hardly asked for/thought about him since, so that went super smoothly!  Woohoo!

He is eating pretty well, although eating slowly (because he is too busy talking) has been an issue. I actually found myself googling “how to deal with painfully slow eating”. We often set an alarm for dinner now (about a half an hour) and remind him a couple of times how long is left to eat. The biggest issue was how aggravated I would get, trying to remind him to take a bite every paragraph, so this works a lot better although it can still be a struggle occasionally. He eats well, though, varied, and isn’t really picky. Although I think it’s kind of a bummer that he really doesn’t like pasta with tomato sauce as that is one of my quick and easy go-tos! 

Theo is excited to be a big brother, and talks about the babies as part of our family. I know the transition from being an only child won’t be easy, especially with twins, but I know he will do great, and I am so excited to see him with his baby sisters. *cue hormonal tears* He is SUCH a fun and funny kid, and I feel way too lucky to get to be his Mama.