Twin Pregnancy Update – week 31

So I did promise that I would update soon about the pregnancy, and everything along with that. ¬†To be 100% honest, it’s a tough pregnancy, so to save you from paragraphs of venting, I thought I would stick to a template ūüėČ

How far along?  31 weeks!

About how big are the babies? I had a scan yesterday, where baby 1 is just over four pounds, and baby 2 is just under, so just about the equivalent of one full-grown baby in there!

Buy anything?¬†In the past week, we have bought both a van and a double stroller, which were the two big purchases that I have been stressing about. ¬†I feel a lot calmer now, and feel like we’re really not missing much–just need to get a carseat, but that’s actually for Theo! ¬†And sadly the van doesn’t come until right after the girls will be born, but it’s nice to have the stress of choosing and researching done!

Total weight gain/loss?¬†About 8 kilos now–weight gain was slow in the beginning, but I feel like it’s pretty steady now, although I have a lot more swelling the past week, so that might be¬†some of the more recent weight gain. ¬†The babies are doing great, though, and I am trying to eat as much as I can, because I can definitely feel them sucking all of the nutrition out of my body.

Symptoms? You don’t want to know. ¬†Haha! Too bad, I’m going to tell you anyway! ¬†Really the worst are fatigue, heartburn, trouble sleeping, and just being BIG. ¬†I am just so big that it is difficult to get out of bed, to stand up, to bend over, etc. ¬†I have to sit down and take a break mid-way through towelling off after a shower. ¬†I think I have given up the bike for good after last week. ¬†I only had to pick up Theo two of the days, and each day I wept a bit when we got home, because it was just too hard on me.

How are those clothes fitting? Not very well…Soon I think the only clothes that fit me will be loose dresses with leggings, because most of my maternity shirts are no longer willing to cover the whole belly…

Stretch marks? Still just leftover from Theo, maybe a couple of small new purple ones now that I look…

Baby knitting? The knitting is going great since I’m off work–I have 5 rows of patterns on the one baby blanket finished (probably about three to go until I have to stop until they’re born, so I can knit the name and birthday on) so I will be starting the second one in not too long! ¬†I feel like the second one might be noticeably better than the first, because I’m learning as I go, but…that’s just how it will be!

How‚Äôs the sleep?¬†Not very good. ¬†Heartburn is difficult to sleep through, I often wake up early, and I either have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, OR if I fall asleep right away, I have to wake up more often to pee, so…

Best moment this week? The weekend at Andreas’s parents’ was really nice, relaxing, and fun! ¬†It always feels good to get away, and not worry so much about the daily stuff.

Movement? Yes. ¬†Definitely. ¬†The past few days especially have been almost non-stop with elbows and knees just nearly popping out of my stomach. ¬†They are ridiculous. ¬†They’re getting really big, and it’s honestly pretty uncomfortable, but still really fun to watch and feel. ¬†The scans don’t go very well sometimes because of how active the girls are, so I’ve had to come in every week sometimes, just so they can try to get accurate measurements of flow/amniotic fluid/growth.

Biggest change in your body besides belly? ¬†Pretty much just the belly, really… When people say I’m “all belly” I actually think they’re right, although I guess all my aches and pains and tiredness are also technically changes in my body ūüėõ

Food cravings? I was on a chocolate milk kick for a little while lately, but I also have been having a certain non-food craving… ¬†I hesitate to share, because it’s a bit weird, but I really, really, really want to suck/chew wet rags. ¬†Like…really want to.

Sex of the babies? ¬†They’re girls! ¬†We’ve been to enough scans now that I am pretty darn sure.

What are you missing? ¬†Walking, biking, cooking, baking, being independent…a lot of things. ¬†It’s hard for me to not be able to do anything, and hard to depend on others for so much, but I am also so, so thankful for having people in my life from whom I can ask for help.

What are you looking forward to? Nice weather! ¬†The weather is starting to warm up, and it’s been a little sunnier, and that has been awesome, and saves my mood a lot.

Milestones? It felt like a big deal to get past 30 weeks. ¬†Now I’ve set my eyes on 34, and will be pretty excited when we get there!

Have you taken a birthing class? No…I was thinking of doing the big auditorium-like one that our hospital offers, just for a refresher, and to learn what this particular hospital offers (it’s not the same one as Theo was born at) but we’ll see. ¬†I think I will have an appointment soon with an OB to talk about the birth and what to expect.

Type of delivery you‚Äôre planning on? I am hoping to do a vaginal delivery with both girls–and this will be possible as long as the “leading” twin (the one furthest down) is head-down, which at the moment is the case. ¬†They’ll keep an eye on it the next few weeks, and we’ll see, but I am also well aware that birth with twins (who share a placenta) can be something different, and I am more okay with the thought of a c-section than I normally would be.

Labor Signs? Just a billion Braxton Hicks, and one the other day that really was quite painful, but nothing to worry about yet!

Belly Button in or out? Just flat.


This was a couple of weeks ago, but if I wait for a recent picture, this will never go up ūüėČ