The Last Few Days

My countdown has reached counting *days* until the girls get here.  Days.  So I thought I would do one last (also the second…) pregnancy update!

How far along?  37 weeks!  This is a big deal–some singleton babies are born in this week, and I am so excited to have made it this far!

About how big are the babies? I haven’t had a scan in two weeks (I have one in a couple of days) so I’m not sure, but based on the last scan, they are probably both around 6 pounds?

Buy anything? We pretty much have everything now!  My boss (who had twins three years ago) is coming by later with the last couple of things we’re buying (twin nursing pillow and second bouncy seat).  Other than that, the only thing we haven’t bought is a baby monitor, which I think I haven’t bought because it is not cute or exciting to pick out 😉  Andreas can probably pick a good one, so maybe I’ll leave that to him, haha!

Total weight gain/loss? I’ve gained about 14-15 kilos now, which makes sense.  I’m also retaining a lot more water now that the weather has warmed up a tiny bit, so that was a couple of kilos that came really quickly!  I’m still eating pretty normally, though I’ve noticed that if I don’t eat either two breakfasts or two lunches, that I get “the shakes” and really need to eat something extra.

Symptoms? Just being is slightly painful at this point.  Sleeping is difficult some nights, and I wake up with very sore hips, and especially really stiff and sore finger joints.  My heartburn is slightly less, which I am attributing to the babies dropping a little bit.  I am also easily worn out, but the past week or so, I have been more willing to exhaust myself, as I’m not so worried about going into early labor, since now, it’s just labor!

How are those clothes fitting? Just dresses fit, and really only with leggings, otherwise it can get inappropriate 😉

Stretch marks?The network of stretch marks has expanded a bit, but there were already so many, that I’m rather not bothered.

Baby knitting? The blankets are pretty much finished!  They are both knitted completely (I’ll embroider the names and birthdays on afterwards), I crocheted the edging, and I (mostly) sewed the fleece on the back of one–I plan to get the other one finished today.  Then I have done absolutely as much as I possibly can before the girls arrive!  I also knitted tiny baby hats that I am hoping fit them when they are first born.  If they don’t make their arrival by tomorrow, then I’ll probably start on some sweaters or something 😛


How’s the sleep? It’s alright, considering how far along I am, I think.  I feel like I have been having/remembering more dreams lately again, which is kind of fun.  Strangely enough, I don’t know if I have had a single baby-dream this entire pregnancy 😮

Best moment this week? Sunday (also, coincidentally Mothers’ Day) was really nice, in a low-key way.  We didn’t do anything special, but Theo was remarkably well-behaved the entire day, we had really nice family time, and lots of laughs and cuddles and fun.  I know everything is going to be upside-down very soon, so I was so happy to have such a nice, normal, fun day.

Movement? Yep.  Some days not as much as others, and I feel them punching around really low some days more than kicking.  We have a few ridiculous videos of movement, though most of the really crazy stuff happens off-camera.  Yesterday, it was so crazy that I was legitimately creeped out by how far out of my belly they can “reach”

Biggest change in your body besides belly?  Probably my ankles, which are puffy.  Otherwise, there’s not so much.  My whole body is a bit swollen, though honestly not nearly as much as I had feared.

Food cravings? Not too much, although yesterday I wanted American take-out pizza SO badly.  Luckily we at least had a frozen pizza in the fridge onto which I layered lots (and lots) of extra cheese, and that pretty much hit the spot.

Sex of the babies?  Still girls, not expecting that to change 😛

What are you missing?  At this point, I’m not really missing much of anything.  If anything, I am prematurely missing being pregnant!  This has been a really, really hard pregnancy, but here at the end, I guess I have a case of Graduation Goggles, and I will miss this enormous belly.

What are you looking forward to? Meeting the girls!  I am a little apprehensive about the birth, especially considering that it will likely be an induction again, but I am so excited to see them and meet them, and especially to see Theo as a big brother!!

Milestones? 37 weeks–that’s term for most babies, and full-term for twins! Whoo!

Have you taken a birthing class? No…  But I did watch lots of twin birth stories on Youtube, and read lots of twin birth stories on various blogs, so that sort of counts, right?

Type of delivery you’re planning on? The girls are both head down, so we will go in for a normal, vaginal delivery!  This is really great news, and I am excited.  What I’m not as excited about is the induction.  We have one scheduled for next week at 38 weeks.  However, even though I’m nervous about that, and I don’t enjoy being induced, I do believe it is best, as the girls are sharing a placenta, which can get riskier and riskier as the pregnancy goes on.  So I am quite confident we’re doing the right thing.  I am rather hoping to go into labor any day now though 😉

Labor Signs? Just all of the normal early pre-labor things–lots of Braxton-Hicks, pressure in places one normally doesn’t blog about, etc.

Belly Button in or out? Just flat.



2 thoughts on “The Last Few Days

  1. AHHHH! So excited to see an update from you! I can’t believe you are this close. I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to see the girls! I am wishing you good luck on the labor and delivery and I am seriously amazed at how good you look! Go Zeta!!

    • Thanks so much! It helps a lot with all the anxious thoughts when others are excited with me–so it means a lot! I’ll try to update as soon as I can when the girls are here!

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