Update 2 Months into Twin-momdom 

I can’t believe it has been two months since the girls were born! (Said every mom ever.) But seriously, this is ridiculous.

Anyway, the girls and myself are doing great. When we came home from the hospital a few days after they were born, I was tandem-nursing them every three hours (we would wake them in the night if they slept longer than that) and supplementing with a bit of formula in a cup. This was a little bit draining, as tandem nursing is not my favorite (with newborn twins anyway) and it was quite a pain with making the formula as well, trying to cup-feed them, burping, getting them back to sleep, etc.  By the time we were done, there was rarely even two hours left until the next feeding was supposed to start!  When the health visitor came a couple of days after we came home, she noted that they had both gained well and were over their birthweight, so we were able to stop supplementing, and let them lead the way schedule-wise!

I mostly nurse them one at a time these days as it’s most comfortable, and the girls are champion breastfeeders–each feeding generally takes 5 minutes per baby! This makes it super easy to get out with them, as I know I can feed them standing/walking if I need to. They still mostly eat every three hours, though for a while they were going 6-7 hours for their first night stretch (between feedings, not 6-7 hours of sleeping–yet!) They go back to every 3 hours occasionally, but generally they are great sleepers.  We did go get them weighed last week, and they weren’t gaining quite as much as they were “supposed” to, but they had grown a great deal length-wise.  They advised us to start waking them again at night, but I’m going to try to get them to eat more during the day (and make sure they get the hind-milk) and see how it is again next week before I take such drastic measures 😉

During the day, the schedule is kind of erratic, but I am going to try to get into a little better of a rhythm/schedule in a few weeks.  I think I’ll have to make sure they wake up at around the same time, even if it means waking one twin.  When they aren’t synchronised, there is almost never a time when they are both asleep, and that can be a bit draining–especially when we aren’t three adults, like we currently are!

When they were only four weeks old, the girls got chicken pox!  Theo’s cousin got them while he was staying with them when we were at the hospital, and he gave it to them when he got them two weeks later.  Beatrix only got one (on her cheek) and Oona got five or six.  They probably don’t have immunity, since they were so little, but one can hope 😉

My mother’s group starts next week, which I am excited about, but my sister, who has been staying with us for all of July, goes home, which I am not excited about.  It has been so nice having her here, and the extra pair of arms has also been super helpful when there are two fussy girls!  Andreas goes back to work at the beginning of September, so at least they don’t both leave me at once!

I’m a little nervous for being alone with the girls when Andreas goes back to work–especially for the mornings when I have to get everyone ready and out the door so I can drop Theo off at preschool, but I am sure we will manage, and hopefully we will have a bit more of a schedule by then.

There’s so much more to say, but if I don’t get this posted now, I never will (the title has changed from Six weeks to Seven weeks to Eight weeks and now Two months, so I think it’s about time!)


Oona at 2 months