4-month Update – Oona and Beatrix

The twins’ fourth month of life was a bit of a doozy–for Mama anyway.

Oona and Trixie are still sleeping well at night.  For a while, there were shorter stretches, but recently (probably thanks to the real, large swaddle blankets we recently bought) they have been back to waking up only once for nursing in the middle of the night, and a couple nights ago, they slept all the way through–from around 7:30 pm to 7 am!  Naps are sometimes good, and sometimes not so successful.  Usually I can count on a longer one in the morning but unfortunately, this is also when we are out and about if we have mother’s group, etc.  Their afternoon naps are a little sporadic, because sometime around 3 pm, I have to go pick up Theo from preschool.

Both girls are right on track length- and weight-wise.  Oona weighs a good two pounds more than her sister, but they are still in their own percentiles, so the difference will probably only get bigger during the first year.  They’re also still both being exclusively breastfed, which I am thankful for every day!

They both are wanting more interaction and attention these days, so it is harder to be productive, and there is more fussiness than before.  I am definitely looking forward to the day when they can sit up on their own, so they can play more easily.  We still make sure to have plenty of playtime, on their tummies, and on their backs.

The biggest deal over the past month was that Andreas returned to work.  I was slightly shocked at how much work it was to be alone with the babies.  Double the stairs, double the carrying, double the time to get out the door.  I have found the transition really physically demanding.  I got sick twice and had two episodes of a pinched nerve in my neck during  the first week and a half alone, and I am dead tired by the end of the day.

The first couple of weeks, I was feeling so drained.  Since then, I have been making a really big effort to practice self-care.  So I try to make sure I get some rest during the day, and I eat two breakfasts, a huge salad with all sorts of veggies, another lunch, and then a snack before dinner (and after, of course 😉 )  This has been sustaining me, and helping with my milk supply, I think, and I have been feeling better since I started this.  But it does make it hard to find balance during the day, since I am either running around frantically caring for babies, making food, or sitting down and eating the second the babies are settled into a nap.

Andreas is still dropping Theo off at preschool in the mornings before work.  This is awesome for me in that I don’t have to stress about getting all three kids out the door in the morning, but less awesome in that Andreas doesn’t get home until 5:30 pm, which is when we eat dinner, so I have two to three hours alone with twins who don’t really want to nap anymore, and a four-year-old that I want to spend quality time with, and I also have to make dinner!

Overall, it’s going much better right now than it was a month ago.  I am learning to be a twin-mom, and am trying to focus as much as I can on living in the present.  Those adorable faces melt my heart multiple times a day, and 95% of the time, I am still so, so glad that I got to be the lucky Mama of twins!



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