6- and 7-month Update – Oona and Beatrix

It was bound to happen eventually—I missed one.  So much has happened these last two months with the girls, and with us, that I am not really surprised.

Months six and seven brought eight teeth (four for each), lots more eating, the twins’ first plane rides, and more movin’ and shakin’.  What it did not bring is more sleep (sad face).

Four days before the girls turned six months, we took our first trip to the US with all three kids.  Whew. The trip happened rather spontaneously, as we realized ticket prices were as reasonable now as they were for February or April, so we took off to spend my favorite holiday—Thanksgiving!—with my family.

The babies did really well on the flights, but more about that in a different post.

I was a bit worried that the girls would have stranger anxiety just in time for our big trip, but it hasn’t showed up yet!  Both Bea and Oona loved seeing all the new people, and they greet everyone—family and strangers alike—with matching smiles and big, beaming, blue eyes!  On the way over, jet lag was almost non-existent.  After a couple of early mornings, they seemed to be pretty adjusted.  Over the three weeks, though, sleep got progressively worse, as Oona woke up multiple times a night to eat, and Bea woke up for her favi (pacifier).  I was getting pretty worn down, but decided to just carry on while we were on vacation, and worry about it when we got back home.  And worry about it, I did.  Jet lag going East is always worse for me, and it took the girls a while to get over.  Add in some hardcore teething, a little cold, and their five-month vaccinations (only a month and a half late…), and sleep has been hard to come by.  It was normal to be up 25 times during the night for a while after we returned.

I am trying a no-cry sleep solution, although there is definitely still crying involved, because even while we comfort them, they still cry.  There has been some success, especially with Oona, but it is hard to notice, when you’re still up 10+ times at night.  We recently decided to have Bea sleep without her favi, as she wakes so often to get it back.  So far the first night went well, but we have learned to reign in our optimism.  I am hoping that when I write the next update, I will come bearing good, sleepy news!

On the eating front, the girls are doing well!  Bea has been eating more than Oona for the past two months, gobbling anything we give her.  Recently, they have learned to sit up better, and are starting some finger foods in addition to purees/porridges.  Bea also apparently thinks she is very grown up, and does not need to nurse anymore, which can be frustrating.  And what is even more frustrating is that they have both been biting me (now with four teeth each) for months!  This, added to the fact that even getting Bea to nurse is a struggle, makes me wonder how much longer our breastfeeding relationship will last.  However, I do remember this phase with Theo (a nursing “strike”, eating lots of solids, and biting), and we did come out the other side, although I don’t think he nursed as much as other babies his age afterwards.  I have been pumping sometimes, and I will use my breastmilk to make their cereals and mix with their purees in hopes of getting some more of the good stuff in them.

As far as moving goes, both girls are rolling both directions (Bea first, then Oona), and turning in a circle to get toys.  Oona has started to try to scoot, but only goes backwards, which, as you can imagine, is extremely frustrating as she gets farther and farther away from the object of her desire.  Neither are sitting on their own yet, but with the blow-up pillow in the IKEA high chair, they can sit very well, so we’re moving to those instead of the Stokke Newborn chairs that we have been using since they were very small.

Through teething, jet lag, and developmental leaps, it can feel like at least one baby is always grumpy, but that’s just the nature of having twins (or so I assume).  There are also shining moments of overwhelming amazement and joy that these two perfect, adorable beings are loaned to me.  Even a year after we first got the news of ”twins”, I still look over at Andreas occasionally and just say ”I can’t believe there are two…TWO!”

both 7 months


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