10-month Update – Oona and Beatrix

Only a couple weeks late, here comes month ten!

Looking back on last month, I realized that not as much has actually changed in the last month.  As far as eating goes, we’re still nursing 4x a day, and having four meals of solids–more finger foods, fewer purees, and they are usually eating some version of what we are eating for dinner.

I have a strong suspicion that the girls are in the middle of some developmental leap, because at the moment, but funnily enough they are handling it very differently.  They are both NEEDING MAMA with all caps right now.  Luckily(?) for me, they are needing me at different times.  Trixie wakes up multiple times a night, and needs Mama cuddles.  Andreas tries to go down, but she strangely enough doesn’t calm down for anyone but me right now.  This has never happened before, so it’s weird for me!  If I sit with her in the armchair, she will calm down immediately, and fall asleep on me, and I can put her down after a few minutes, and she’ll be good for a while.  I can also sometimes get away with holding her hand through the bars of her crib.  It’s mostly a few times in the evening, before I go to sleep that she wakes up, so I have decided that for now, I’ll give her the cuddles she needs while she goes through whatever this is.  During the day, she is content, happy, and mischievous.



Oona, in contrast, sleeps every night all night without a peep.  However, the daytime is a different story.  Every moment that Mama is not carrying her around is a moment wasted, and especially in the mornings, she will literally just scream whenever I put her down for a moment.  Considering that I have to get all three kids ready and out the door to drop off Theo, mornings are quite hard right now.  The rest of the day, I try to just be more present with the girls and accept the fact that I don’t get as much done around the house at the moment.


Both girls have the most charming grins–Oona did hers first, but stopped just as Trix started.  Beatrix especially could win over any heart with her cheese-grin (earning her the nickname GrinGrin).  She’s stopped doing it now, but Oona has started again with her nose-wrinkling smile, so it looks like I’ll never get a picture of them both doing it at the same time!

The fighting over toys has only intensified in the last month, and now, if one of the girls has something exciting and sees her sister scooting over, she is VERY quick to turn around and hold whatever it is she covets out of her sister’s reach.

They are also slowly but steadily progressing physically.  They will both pull up on their knees, and Oona has sat herself up a few times.  I am still not sure if they will crawl properly on hands and knees, or skip that step, but they have been getting up on their knees a little more, so maybe they will crawl after all!  For now, they are happy to glide along on their bellies.

Andreas is leaving for all of next week for a conference in San Fransisco, but honestly I have mostly been trying not to think about it much.  The way things are going, it is going to be an exceptionally challenging week–especially considering that I still have a cracked rib from the pneumonia, so a lot of things are painful–putting unwilling babies into high chairs, though, is by far the winner…followed closely by wrestling babies into diapers and carrying two babies in carseats.  Wish me luck!