Bob Marley (in yarn)!

I feel like I’ve been waiting weeks to post about my secret Bob Marley project!  The doll was a gift for my brother-in-law for Ayyam-i-Ha, and so I had to hold off posting pictures, just in case!  Then, when I finally could post pictures, I was suddenly……..busy!  After two months of being basically on vacation, being even a little bit busy is refreshing!  I finally feel like things are moving, and hopefully forward.  Next step: Andreas gets a job!

Anyway, now for the main attraction: Bob.  Marley!!!!!

Bob Marley! Complete with dreadlock-compatible hat!

When I received my brother-in-law as my “secret camel” (Baha’i equivalent of Secret Santa) I wasn’t sure what to get him.  I didn’t know him all that well, so I browsed his Facebook.  Unfortunately for me, he doesn’t use it much, and all I ended up getting were a bunch of Bob Marley quotes…and thus, the idea was born.

I started looking for basic doll patterns to use, but I ended up just making it up as I went along which turned out quite well!

Here he is, dreadlocks and all!  I actually wrote the pattern down, but it still needs some editing, so I figured I’d hold off at least for a while, and maybe until I get another doll under my belt.









I deciding during this project that it was kind of nice to have a “deadline” (I only had about a week and a half to finish him) and that, while I’m on this forced vacation, I should try to deadline more of my projects, as a way to stay rather busy.  Now that the Fast has begun, I feel like having things to do will help speed along the long, foodless days (hopefully).  Sitting around doing nothing, waiting for sunset, is: 1) probably not what fasting is about in the first place, 2) definitely not what fasting is about in the first place, and 3) about as much fun as grating your knuckle instead of the carrot.

Starting Over

I’ve been working on a pair of legwarmers for a while (I’m an avid knitter, for those who don’t know).  They started out as socks, but for some reason, turned into leg-warmers.  Sixty rows after that, I realized I was doing the pattern wrong, and though everyone said it looked fine, and it did, I had to restart anyway, so I decided to re-start with some new yarn (yay! new yarn!) and decided to learn a new cast-on method (that you can find here: )

At this point, with my new (slightly larger gauge) yarn, the legwarmer was too big (way too big) so I started over with fewer stitches and now, a hundred or so stitches in, it’s too small.


I sometimes feel like I have the same problem with my Danish, but it’s probably just all in my head.

In other news…….
I won the Danish version of Monopoly (Matador) and felt terrible, taking everyone’s money.  How do real businesspeople do it?!  Probably by not looking their debtors in the eye.

Also, I’m pretty excited that I don’t get to see *any* of the political campaign ads on television for the next eight months.  Go me!

Today is the only day this week that Andreas doesn’t have to leave, so I’m hoping to enjoy it.  I know I am not completely alone, since I’m living with his family, but in some ways, that makes it even worse when he’s not here because I lose my “safety net” and feel slightly uncomfortable being in someone else’s house ALL the time.  Only about a month until we move to Sweden, though!