3-month Update – Oona and Beatrix

Another month has come and gone, just as quick as the months before.  The girls are now officially three months old, and the summer is nearly over, which means Andreas’s paternity leave is also nearly over.

Besides the threat of impending alone-ness, things are still going great!  The girls are still sleeping well at night *frantically finds some wood to knock on* and growing well!  They usually eat about every 2 hours during the day, and wake up once to twice during the night for a little snack, and usually go right to sleep again.  Daytime naps are generally about an hour, although lately, they have slept a little more for their naps, and a little less during the night.

Oona and Trixie are still pretty generous with their smiles, even with strangers.  And the other day, they started smiling to each other!  They were on their playmat, and they didn’t even glance at the toys for about half an hour because they were so busy looking at each other.

Both girls are not very fussy–they get their fussiest if they are tired, and haven’t been put to bed on time, so we try to be aware of how long they’ve been awake so we can read their cues correctly.  Recently, Theo had a birthday party, and we had another busy day the next day, and I could tell that the two days put together was a bit much for them, but they just needed a bit more calm and sleep to recover, and they’ve been fine ever since.

We’re going in to get their 3-month vaccines on Friday (along with Theo and his 4-year booster) so that will probably be a little hard (not to mention loud).

Otherwise there is not too much to mention.  The twins are amazing babies, and I feel like we’re really settling into life as a family of five.  Of course, it’s all going to be shaken up now when Andreas starts work and I’m on my own a lot more, but we’ll figure it out.  I noticed that I haven’t written about them much individually as of yet.  I feel like their personalities are still quite similar.  Beatrix is fussier overall, but Oona needs a bit more sleep and gets agitated when she’s tired.  Beatrix has rolled a bit from front to back, but Oona hasn’t tried yet, and Oona has just started laughing whereas we’re still waiting for Trixie’s first giggles.

I still look at them sometimes and can’t believe that there are TWO of them.



Update 2 Months into Twin-momdom 

I can’t believe it has been two months since the girls were born! (Said every mom ever.) But seriously, this is ridiculous.

Anyway, the girls and myself are doing great. When we came home from the hospital a few days after they were born, I was tandem-nursing them every three hours (we would wake them in the night if they slept longer than that) and supplementing with a bit of formula in a cup. This was a little bit draining, as tandem nursing is not my favorite (with newborn twins anyway) and it was quite a pain with making the formula as well, trying to cup-feed them, burping, getting them back to sleep, etc.  By the time we were done, there was rarely even two hours left until the next feeding was supposed to start!  When the health visitor came a couple of days after we came home, she noted that they had both gained well and were over their birthweight, so we were able to stop supplementing, and let them lead the way schedule-wise!

I mostly nurse them one at a time these days as it’s most comfortable, and the girls are champion breastfeeders–each feeding generally takes 5 minutes per baby! This makes it super easy to get out with them, as I know I can feed them standing/walking if I need to. They still mostly eat every three hours, though for a while they were going 6-7 hours for their first night stretch (between feedings, not 6-7 hours of sleeping–yet!) They go back to every 3 hours occasionally, but generally they are great sleepers.  We did go get them weighed last week, and they weren’t gaining quite as much as they were “supposed” to, but they had grown a great deal length-wise.  They advised us to start waking them again at night, but I’m going to try to get them to eat more during the day (and make sure they get the hind-milk) and see how it is again next week before I take such drastic measures 😉

During the day, the schedule is kind of erratic, but I am going to try to get into a little better of a rhythm/schedule in a few weeks.  I think I’ll have to make sure they wake up at around the same time, even if it means waking one twin.  When they aren’t synchronised, there is almost never a time when they are both asleep, and that can be a bit draining–especially when we aren’t three adults, like we currently are!

When they were only four weeks old, the girls got chicken pox!  Theo’s cousin got them while he was staying with them when we were at the hospital, and he gave it to them when he got them two weeks later.  Beatrix only got one (on her cheek) and Oona got five or six.  They probably don’t have immunity, since they were so little, but one can hope 😉

My mother’s group starts next week, which I am excited about, but my sister, who has been staying with us for all of July, goes home, which I am not excited about.  It has been so nice having her here, and the extra pair of arms has also been super helpful when there are two fussy girls!  Andreas goes back to work at the beginning of September, so at least they don’t both leave me at once!

I’m a little nervous for being alone with the girls when Andreas goes back to work–especially for the mornings when I have to get everyone ready and out the door so I can drop Theo off at preschool, but I am sure we will manage, and hopefully we will have a bit more of a schedule by then.

There’s so much more to say, but if I don’t get this posted now, I never will (the title has changed from Six weeks to Seven weeks to Eight weeks and now Two months, so I think it’s about time!)


Oona at 2 months


The Twins’ Birth Story – Beatrix and Oona

I wanted to share my birth story with the twins, just like I did Theodore’s!  Here goes:

As soon as I learned I was pregnant with twins, I started researching like crazy–about the birth among countless other things.  It seemed like in Denmark at least the protocol was that women carrying twins that share a placenta (as mine did) were generally induced/had a caesarean section planned for 38 weeks, as this type of pregnancy carries more risk than a singleton or fraternal twin pregnancy.  Most hospitals recommend a vaginal birth if at least the leading twin is head-down, and there are no other complications.  If the leading twin was breech, or there were other risk factors, a c-section was the recommendation.

For most of my pregnancy, I felt a bit in limbo, as I didn’t really know which type of birth I should be preparing for.  Finally, towards the end, it seemed that baby A was the leading twin, and both were head-down, so I was all set for a vaginal birth.

With my first pregnancy, I was induced at 42 weeks, so I wasn’t holding out much hope of going into labor on my own, even carrying twins (who are usually born early) although I have to admit, I was hoping a bit.  The experience of going into labor is one I had always looked forward to.

However, the weeks passed, and I finally reached the date of my induction, which, coincidentally was also my birthday!  We had left Theo with his cousins the night before, and walked into the hospital bright and early at 7:45.

20170523_080020I was checked (four centimeters, and completely effaced–hooray!), was put on monitors for a half an hour, and then was told to sit tight in the waiting room, as there would likely open up a room in the labor ward sometime that morning.

20170522_083649Hours passed, we took a walk around the hospital grounds (finding a four leaf clover!), and had coffee and ice cream at the hospital cafe.

Finally, around 2 pm when no labor room had opened up decided to hang out at the campgrounds nearby with Andreas’s parents who had come to meet the baby girls when they were born.

As a few more hours passed, we decided that 8 pm would be our cut-off.  I didn’t want to start an induction being already exhausted, so as no room opened by 8, we decided to stay in a little hut at the campgrounds rather than returning home for the night, with instructions to call again in the morning.  I guess the girls just weren’t destined to share my birthday.


Luckily, after a night of traipsing up to the communal toilets several times, they told us to come in at 8 am, so Andreas’s dad drove us to the hospital!  They did the monitoring again as soon as I got there, and everything still looked great.  Then we got a room right away (hooray!), I was checked (5 centimeters this time) and they broke my water at 9:30 to try to get things going, with an agreement to start pitocin if things didn’t start on their own by 11:30.  Nothing happened, so after some yummy brunch at 11, they started pitocin (and strapped on those irritating monitors and put a port in my hand) at 11:30 and contractions started.  I rested through the first hour or so, and as the contractions grew stronger, I moved to the birthing ball, or stood and hung onto Andreas through contractions.

One funny thing–I had just read the book The Reluctant Midwife, in which one woman in labor sang through her contractions, so I thought I would try, since I like to sing.  I ended up more humming than singing, but it helped me so, so much to get through each contraction.  Only a couple of times, I faltered when I couldn’t think of a song quickly enough, and those contractions were much harder to get through.


After a few hours, the midwives started noticing me making “pushy” noises, although I didn’t really register it myself.  They asked me to come up on the bed.  They checked me and I was at an eight.  Contractions were more difficult on the bed, and I can’t really remember why I didn’t get back up…maybe because they said I might be pushing soon?  I started using gas and air at this point, which really did help take the edge off, although it did make me “feel funny” as I couldn’t stop telling Andreas, haha!  The midwives had a shift change around here as well, which was a bit disappointing. I really loved the midwives I had (one midwife and one student midwife) and I think I would have done better towards the end and during pushing if they had still been with me.

After a while of not much happening, the midwife suggested I get up on my knees and lean against the back of the bed, which I did.  Here, things start getting a little fuzzy.  I started to lose control a bit.  Contractions were coming really, really fast, and they turned off the pitocin completely, but not before I was saying “I think an epidural is a good idea.  Yes.  Let’s do that.”  They told me they would check me again at 5 pm (it was about 4:30 when I changed position) and we could talk about it then.  Things started getting very, very painful, and at about 4:45 they said they would check me again, but as I was going from my knees to laying on the bed, my body did a HUGE push, and I think Oona was *right there.*


They called all of the extra people into the room–the head midwife, a doctor and student doctor, two pediatricians, a couple of anaesthesiologists, etc.  My body was doing its own thing at this point, and quite honestly I was sort of freaking out.  It was all happening so fast, and I had never had a natural birth before!  I remember feeling really annoyed, because it felt like the midwife was trying to push the baby back in, and I was trying to push her out, while really she was supporting my perineum, trying to prevent tearing.  They invited me to feel the baby’s head, and I reached down, expecting to feel her just starting to crown, but I felt her head about halfway out, and “Holy shit!” flew out of my mouth.  Oona arrived at 4:58 pm, and they tried to put her on my chest, but quickly whisked her away, as one of the midwives had to get a death grip on Beatrix in my belly to keep her from somersaulting her way into a breech position.


I was equally annoyed at everyone as I pushed Beatrix out–she arrived at 5:09, and she came up on my chest for a few minutes so I could admire her, as purply-whitish as she was.


However, they were quite anxious to get the placenta out, as I had some retained placenta after my first birth which caused me to bleed.  They upped the pitocin to max, and had me pushing–I remember it was stuck about halfway out, and–guys, that thing was HUGE.  I never got to see it all the way, but halfway was enough. (I have a picture of this, but I will graciously not post it here.)

The placenta came out in one piece, but I was still bleeding a LOT–my uterus had been so stretched that it couldn’t shrink down on its own, so while one midwife or nurse or someone smashed my stomach down, the doctor was (what felt like) shoving sponges inside.  This was 100% the most painful time.  They started to wheel me away, and I remember telling Andreas it would be okay, but I was terrified.  I became more and more frantic as I was wheeled down the hall to an operating room.  I remember they had an oxygen mask on me, and I felt like I couldn’t breath at all–I was flailing and screaming, asking to go to sleep.  I thought I might die.  Eventually they were able to put me under, get the bleeding under control, and give me a few portions of blood.

I started to come to, but it took a lot of tries before I could open my eyes.  When I finally did, Andreas was just arriving–he told me the girls were fine and offered to show me a picture, but I didn’t want the first time I saw them to be a picture, so I decided to wait. Finally, about four hours after they were born, I was wheeled into the girls’ room in the neonatal unit and saw them for the first time.

Oona had had a C-pap for a little while after she was born, as she had inhaled a bit of amniotic fluid, and they both had a feeding tube, as the staff didn’t know when I would be able to come and nurse them.

DSC_0353 (1).JPG

Oona’s C-pap was off before I even got there, and the girls both pulled out their feedings tubes in the course of the night, and we were moved to the mother-and-baby unit in the morning where we stayed for a few days to get breastfeeding going and recover a bit more.  Our time staying at the hospital was nice (when isn’t it nice to not have to cook any meals?!) and we got to show the girls off to Andreas’s family and to Theodore, who we missed so much while we were away.

The girls were born on a Tuesday, and we were on our way home Friday morning.

The Twins are Here!

Well, okay…the twins were here a month ago.  But apparently writing blog posts takes even longer after you have twins–who knew?

Actually, to be fair, I could have written a long time ago, but it took us the entire month to finalise the girls’ names.  For some reason, naming twins is much more than twice as difficult as naming one baby, and I wanted to wait until we knew what to call them before we presented them to the world.  So here it is:

“Baby A” Oona Elizabeth born 6 lbs 9 oz, 20 inches


“Baby B” Beatrix Mai born 6 lbs, 19.5 inches


We are all doing well–we came home from the hospital when the girls were three days old, and everything has been going great 🙂 I’ll start working on my birth story soon, and a one-month recap (or maybe I should just be realistic and write a two-month recap, haha!)

The Last Few Days

My countdown has reached counting *days* until the girls get here.  Days.  So I thought I would do one last (also the second…) pregnancy update!

How far along?  37 weeks!  This is a big deal–some singleton babies are born in this week, and I am so excited to have made it this far!

About how big are the babies? I haven’t had a scan in two weeks (I have one in a couple of days) so I’m not sure, but based on the last scan, they are probably both around 6 pounds?

Buy anything? We pretty much have everything now!  My boss (who had twins three years ago) is coming by later with the last couple of things we’re buying (twin nursing pillow and second bouncy seat).  Other than that, the only thing we haven’t bought is a baby monitor, which I think I haven’t bought because it is not cute or exciting to pick out 😉  Andreas can probably pick a good one, so maybe I’ll leave that to him, haha!

Total weight gain/loss? I’ve gained about 14-15 kilos now, which makes sense.  I’m also retaining a lot more water now that the weather has warmed up a tiny bit, so that was a couple of kilos that came really quickly!  I’m still eating pretty normally, though I’ve noticed that if I don’t eat either two breakfasts or two lunches, that I get “the shakes” and really need to eat something extra.

Symptoms? Just being is slightly painful at this point.  Sleeping is difficult some nights, and I wake up with very sore hips, and especially really stiff and sore finger joints.  My heartburn is slightly less, which I am attributing to the babies dropping a little bit.  I am also easily worn out, but the past week or so, I have been more willing to exhaust myself, as I’m not so worried about going into early labor, since now, it’s just labor!

How are those clothes fitting? Just dresses fit, and really only with leggings, otherwise it can get inappropriate 😉

Stretch marks?The network of stretch marks has expanded a bit, but there were already so many, that I’m rather not bothered.

Baby knitting? The blankets are pretty much finished!  They are both knitted completely (I’ll embroider the names and birthdays on afterwards), I crocheted the edging, and I (mostly) sewed the fleece on the back of one–I plan to get the other one finished today.  Then I have done absolutely as much as I possibly can before the girls arrive!  I also knitted tiny baby hats that I am hoping fit them when they are first born.  If they don’t make their arrival by tomorrow, then I’ll probably start on some sweaters or something 😛


How’s the sleep? It’s alright, considering how far along I am, I think.  I feel like I have been having/remembering more dreams lately again, which is kind of fun.  Strangely enough, I don’t know if I have had a single baby-dream this entire pregnancy 😮

Best moment this week? Sunday (also, coincidentally Mothers’ Day) was really nice, in a low-key way.  We didn’t do anything special, but Theo was remarkably well-behaved the entire day, we had really nice family time, and lots of laughs and cuddles and fun.  I know everything is going to be upside-down very soon, so I was so happy to have such a nice, normal, fun day.

Movement? Yep.  Some days not as much as others, and I feel them punching around really low some days more than kicking.  We have a few ridiculous videos of movement, though most of the really crazy stuff happens off-camera.  Yesterday, it was so crazy that I was legitimately creeped out by how far out of my belly they can “reach”

Biggest change in your body besides belly?  Probably my ankles, which are puffy.  Otherwise, there’s not so much.  My whole body is a bit swollen, though honestly not nearly as much as I had feared.

Food cravings? Not too much, although yesterday I wanted American take-out pizza SO badly.  Luckily we at least had a frozen pizza in the fridge onto which I layered lots (and lots) of extra cheese, and that pretty much hit the spot.

Sex of the babies?  Still girls, not expecting that to change 😛

What are you missing?  At this point, I’m not really missing much of anything.  If anything, I am prematurely missing being pregnant!  This has been a really, really hard pregnancy, but here at the end, I guess I have a case of Graduation Goggles, and I will miss this enormous belly.

What are you looking forward to? Meeting the girls!  I am a little apprehensive about the birth, especially considering that it will likely be an induction again, but I am so excited to see them and meet them, and especially to see Theo as a big brother!!

Milestones? 37 weeks–that’s term for most babies, and full-term for twins! Whoo!

Have you taken a birthing class? No…  But I did watch lots of twin birth stories on Youtube, and read lots of twin birth stories on various blogs, so that sort of counts, right?

Type of delivery you’re planning on? The girls are both head down, so we will go in for a normal, vaginal delivery!  This is really great news, and I am excited.  What I’m not as excited about is the induction.  We have one scheduled for next week at 38 weeks.  However, even though I’m nervous about that, and I don’t enjoy being induced, I do believe it is best, as the girls are sharing a placenta, which can get riskier and riskier as the pregnancy goes on.  So I am quite confident we’re doing the right thing.  I am rather hoping to go into labor any day now though 😉

Labor Signs? Just all of the normal early pre-labor things–lots of Braxton-Hicks, pressure in places one normally doesn’t blog about, etc.

Belly Button in or out? Just flat.


Twin Pregnancy Update – week 31

So I did promise that I would update soon about the pregnancy, and everything along with that.  To be 100% honest, it’s a tough pregnancy, so to save you from paragraphs of venting, I thought I would stick to a template 😉

How far along?  31 weeks!

About how big are the babies? I had a scan yesterday, where baby 1 is just over four pounds, and baby 2 is just under, so just about the equivalent of one full-grown baby in there!

Buy anything? In the past week, we have bought both a van and a double stroller, which were the two big purchases that I have been stressing about.  I feel a lot calmer now, and feel like we’re really not missing much–just need to get a carseat, but that’s actually for Theo!  And sadly the van doesn’t come until right after the girls will be born, but it’s nice to have the stress of choosing and researching done!

Total weight gain/loss? About 8 kilos now–weight gain was slow in the beginning, but I feel like it’s pretty steady now, although I have a lot more swelling the past week, so that might be some of the more recent weight gain.  The babies are doing great, though, and I am trying to eat as much as I can, because I can definitely feel them sucking all of the nutrition out of my body.

Symptoms? You don’t want to know.  Haha! Too bad, I’m going to tell you anyway!  Really the worst are fatigue, heartburn, trouble sleeping, and just being BIG.  I am just so big that it is difficult to get out of bed, to stand up, to bend over, etc.  I have to sit down and take a break mid-way through towelling off after a shower.  I think I have given up the bike for good after last week.  I only had to pick up Theo two of the days, and each day I wept a bit when we got home, because it was just too hard on me.

How are those clothes fitting? Not very well…Soon I think the only clothes that fit me will be loose dresses with leggings, because most of my maternity shirts are no longer willing to cover the whole belly…

Stretch marks? Still just leftover from Theo, maybe a couple of small new purple ones now that I look…

Baby knitting? The knitting is going great since I’m off work–I have 5 rows of patterns on the one baby blanket finished (probably about three to go until I have to stop until they’re born, so I can knit the name and birthday on) so I will be starting the second one in not too long!  I feel like the second one might be noticeably better than the first, because I’m learning as I go, but…that’s just how it will be!

How’s the sleep? Not very good.  Heartburn is difficult to sleep through, I often wake up early, and I either have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, OR if I fall asleep right away, I have to wake up more often to pee, so…

Best moment this week? The weekend at Andreas’s parents’ was really nice, relaxing, and fun!  It always feels good to get away, and not worry so much about the daily stuff.

Movement? Yes.  Definitely.  The past few days especially have been almost non-stop with elbows and knees just nearly popping out of my stomach.  They are ridiculous.  They’re getting really big, and it’s honestly pretty uncomfortable, but still really fun to watch and feel.  The scans don’t go very well sometimes because of how active the girls are, so I’ve had to come in every week sometimes, just so they can try to get accurate measurements of flow/amniotic fluid/growth.

Biggest change in your body besides belly?  Pretty much just the belly, really… When people say I’m “all belly” I actually think they’re right, although I guess all my aches and pains and tiredness are also technically changes in my body 😛

Food cravings? I was on a chocolate milk kick for a little while lately, but I also have been having a certain non-food craving…  I hesitate to share, because it’s a bit weird, but I really, really, really want to suck/chew wet rags.  Like…really want to.

Sex of the babies?  They’re girls!  We’ve been to enough scans now that I am pretty darn sure.

What are you missing?  Walking, biking, cooking, baking, being independent…a lot of things.  It’s hard for me to not be able to do anything, and hard to depend on others for so much, but I am also so, so thankful for having people in my life from whom I can ask for help.

What are you looking forward to? Nice weather!  The weather is starting to warm up, and it’s been a little sunnier, and that has been awesome, and saves my mood a lot.

Milestones? It felt like a big deal to get past 30 weeks.  Now I’ve set my eyes on 34, and will be pretty excited when we get there!

Have you taken a birthing class? No…I was thinking of doing the big auditorium-like one that our hospital offers, just for a refresher, and to learn what this particular hospital offers (it’s not the same one as Theo was born at) but we’ll see.  I think I will have an appointment soon with an OB to talk about the birth and what to expect.

Type of delivery you’re planning on? I am hoping to do a vaginal delivery with both girls–and this will be possible as long as the “leading” twin (the one furthest down) is head-down, which at the moment is the case.  They’ll keep an eye on it the next few weeks, and we’ll see, but I am also well aware that birth with twins (who share a placenta) can be something different, and I am more okay with the thought of a c-section than I normally would be.

Labor Signs? Just a billion Braxton Hicks, and one the other day that really was quite painful, but nothing to worry about yet!

Belly Button in or out? Just flat.


This was a couple of weeks ago, but if I wait for a recent picture, this will never go up 😉

Sporadic Life Update

I would apologize for my absence, but I don’t think anyone expected much out of me after the last update 😉

The past few months have been busy, and tough.  January was ridiculous at work all. month. long. February started out just as hectic, and though I took a week’s vacation to relax, it was still pretty overwhelming when I came back.  The new intern, to take my place, started in February, so most of my last few weeks were spent with her, trying to teach as much as I could, finish up my own things, and make as many “instruction” documents as possible.  It felt good to leave with pretty much everything done that I needed to do, although I have to admit that I feel for the new intern.  I had six months with the “senior intern” at the desk across from me–someone to peek over my screen to when I needed a little help, and my replacement had about a month with that same help.  But I am sure she will do great, and it feels good to put work stuff behind me and start focusing on the babies.

Speaking of the babies, they are doing great!  They’re over three pounds each now, both growing right on track, and partying constantly.  The only downside is that they are both breech at the moment, but there is still time for them to turn so that I can maybe avoid a Cesarean section–although the other downside of two breech babies is four feet aiming kicks at my bladder and cervix, so…that’s fun.

Honestly, it is still hard for me to imagine and realize that we really are having two babies.  It seems so surreal, and I don’t know what to expect…at all.  I thought that having my second baby would be a bit more relaxing, as I would know what to expect after Theo, but now I feel that it’s a whole new world!  I am hoping that getting more things prepared in the next few weeks will help reality set in, and I can really start getting excited about these girls!

We still have a lot of big stuff to take care of.  The biggest is purchasing our first car–a big car.  We’re making progress and moving forward, but it’s such a huge purchase, and we feel a lot of pressure to really get it right, so it’s been a bit stressful.  We also still need to buy a stroller, baby monitor, other various equipment… It can be overwhelming when I think about it, but again–I am hoping that after I get some time to relax, I’ll have time and energy to get these things sorted, and things will fall into place!

When I stopped work, I rather expected a huge release.  I have been stressed and anxious about work, balancing my time and energy, etc. since December, and I was really looking forward to not having those worries anymore, but instead of such a release, the anxiety was rerouted to starting back up at work (when the twins are around 14 months), how we will make that work, etc.  The anxiety peaked last week, and was really hard for me to deal with.  But I spoke to my midwife about it on Monday, and I am going to talk to my doctor about a referral for someone to talk to about it (which is honestly long overdue).  They also have a program for people at higher risk of post partum depression, that she put me into, which includes an extra visit from the health visitor before the babies are born, so I can get to know her, a tour of the labor and delivery unit to help with anxiety around the birth, etc.  I am really glad to know that there is help, and proud of myself for being able to talk with someone about it, finally!

This has gotten really long, so I think I’ll do a separate twin/pregnancy update really soon!

Theo at three and a half

I have plenty I could write about that involves myself, work, and the twin pregnancy, but today, I want to talk about Theo being three-and-a-half. 

At this point, Theo is definitely a bilingual kid. I honestly don’t know what he speaks better, English or Danish. He speaks more Danish on a daily basis at the moment, and it’s sometimes hard for him to switch over to English at home. He also used plenty of Danglish, inserting words from the opposite language when there just isn’t a good substitute, but I do the same, so I think he’ll be fine 😉 

Speaking of speaking, Theo does it a lot. He is the chatterbox of all chatterboxes. It sometimes seems that he never stops talking, and it is sometimes a bit of a hindrance if we need to get something done, as he seems not to be able to talk and do anything else at the same time. But it really is awesome being able to have longer, meaningful conversations, and really hear his take on things–when I’m not trying to get him to put on his snowsuit and get home from preschool, that is…

Right now, Theo is very into purple, which suits me just fine, because buying purple things feels like it makes sense, when we have two little girls waiting to inherit his clothes. (Although really, they could dislike purple as much as Theo currently dislikes blue…who knows?). He also really likes to wear tights, so we just bought a bunch in the next size up as all of his were definitely too small. He plays primarily with the other, older girls at preschool, but I think he spends time with the boys as well, as much as he talks about Hulk and Spider-Man.

His favorite toys at home are probably Play-Doh and construction vehicles, and we got him some kinetic sand for Ayyam-I-Ha that should be pretty fun to use with his smaller construction vehicles. It’s also a plus that it’s something that can be played sitting in one spot, and that’s about all I can play with him at the moment (and for the next few months). We also do a lot of reading, which he loves. We’ll have to start taking more frequent trips to the library! He also loves helping in the kitchen, and I love having his company there, although I do tend to get stressed out for silly reasons like messes, and prefer if Andreas is also there for backup 😉

Theo washed, plucked, and sliced all of the grapes for the Thanksgiving fruit salad

About a month ago, he relinquished his pacifiers (favis) to the pacifier-tree, and in their place received a real, big-boy bike! Within a week, he could bike long stretches, but we haven’t practiced starting and stopping on his own yet. I have no doubt that in the spring, he’ll be an expert, which is great, because I almost can’t lift him onto the back of my bike anymore! The pacifiers were a much smaller deal than I had feared. He was sad at bedtime a few nights, but slept through every night, and has hardly asked for/thought about him since, so that went super smoothly!  Woohoo!

He is eating pretty well, although eating slowly (because he is too busy talking) has been an issue. I actually found myself googling “how to deal with painfully slow eating”. We often set an alarm for dinner now (about a half an hour) and remind him a couple of times how long is left to eat. The biggest issue was how aggravated I would get, trying to remind him to take a bite every paragraph, so this works a lot better although it can still be a struggle occasionally. He eats well, though, varied, and isn’t really picky. Although I think it’s kind of a bummer that he really doesn’t like pasta with tomato sauce as that is one of my quick and easy go-tos! 

Theo is excited to be a big brother, and talks about the babies as part of our family. I know the transition from being an only child won’t be easy, especially with twins, but I know he will do great, and I am so excited to see him with his baby sisters. *cue hormonal tears* He is SUCH a fun and funny kid, and I feel way too lucky to get to be his Mama. 

Two good reasons for being gone

I have basically deserted the blog for a good long while now, for a couple of reasons. Reason number one is a baby! I’m (surprise!) expecting again, which, while really exciting, means that I have been stretched beyond my limit the past few months. Morning sickness and fatigue when starting a brand new, full-time internship is really, really hard.


The second reason is…also a baby–that’s right, twins! So…it’s been a very exciting couple of months! Starting my internship was really exciting, and really, really stressful. Finding out I was pregnant a month in (while being on the pill) was also exciting, and stressful. Finding out it was twins two months after that was just as exciting and stressful as all of the previous stressful, exciting surprises!  So…exciting and stressful just about sums up my 2016.

I am feeling less sick and exhausted now (four and a half months in) but the pain has already settled in for good, it seems. Everything else is alright–we are trying to plan for the extra additions to the family, carefully considering our first family car, double strollers, rearranging the kids’ room, and periodically looking at each other with our mouths gaping open to say “twins?!?”

Some info on the twins: they’re identical, and sharing a placenta, so I go to a lot of extra scans and doctor appointments so they can keep an eye out for TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) and make sure the babies are growing at relatively the same rate. Twins don’t run in my family, but identical twins aren’t hereditary anyway.

I can’t say for sure if my symptoms were worse this time around, because my situation was a lot different.  Feeling sick was miserable, but I attributed the extra misery to having to haul my butt out of bed to the sound of an alarm clock every morning, and not being able to avoid the smell of coffee–I never suspected twins, or even entertained the thought. I can definitely feel the difference now, though, and see it in my belly! I thought I was really big with Theo, who was born at 9lbs 1 oz, and to think that I am going to be even more gigantic is a little overwhelming/terrifying.  But honestly, the hope is to get as gigantic as possible, as I want to keep the babies in for as long as they can be in there, so I am trying to keep that in mind, too, whenever the panic sets in.

So, that is why I have been so absent. I can’t promise to be on more often, or come with more thoughtful, well-illustrated blog posts, but I will try to keep it as updated as possible!

Oh, also, they’re girls!!!

Short-lived Superpowers

I have been at my internship for a month now!

A week in, I was feeling pretty good.  I started out slowly, doing mostly practical sorts of things like coffee machine cleaning and breakfast-setting-up because the person who usually does those things was on vacation.  But then, she had the audacity to come back, so I was thrown headfirst into the accounting world.

The first few weeks went really well.  I was really overwhelmed, of course, and exhausted, but every day, I came home proud.  I was speaking Danish all day, making phone calls, doing accounting things (that I find really hard to find the words for in English, but I do actually kind of know what I’m doing).  I was really proud.  I felt a bit like I was a superhero–doing things that were really hard for me, and doing them anyway!

But, the thing is, doing things that are really hard for you anyway, and doing them every day is really, really exhausting.  And at some point, I stopped feeling like a superhero and started just feeling drained.

Over half of my job is payment-chasing.  That means keeping track of customers in three different companies, and who has paid what, when, and sending friendly emails asking about payment statuses, and making phone calls, and sending less friendly emails later on.  This is not my passion.  I can tell you that much.

I’m trying not to feel too down about it–and I don’t, really.  It’s for about a year, and it’s probably good experience to just wade right in.  I know that it will also get better the more in control I feel.  I still have to figure out all of the customers, their histories, who to contact about which problem, etc.

The Danish is also not really a problem as far as understanding things, and being able to communicate, but I feel like it really does keep me a little bit “on the outside”.  I made myself say some things during lunch today, and I was glad, because I was beginning to feel a bit like a weirdo, just listening every day, smiling and nodding, and never really contributing.

But everything is quite overwhelming and difficult.

The good news is that it’s what I was expecting.  It’s actually better than I was expecting!  Our daily routine is still working really well–with Andreas taking Theo in the mornings while I run off to work early, and me being able to get off early enough to pick up Theo, and have a nice evening all together at home.  I’m ready to conk out when Theo is going to bed, but it is working really well!  And the other good news is that I think it will only get better.  I will only feel more confident about the stuff I am doing.  I will only get better at speaking.  I will only get to know my coworkers better, and feel more and more a part of things.

So I know things will get better, but I have to say that I have definitely hit a rough patch.

Here’s hoping that autumn, crunchy leaves, and ALL the pumpkin can help pull me through!