Sporadic Life Update

I would apologize for my absence, but I don’t think anyone expected much out of me after the last update ūüėČ

The past few months have been busy, and tough. ¬†January was ridiculous at work all. month. long. February started out just as hectic, and though I took a week’s vacation to relax, it was still pretty overwhelming when I came back. ¬†The new intern, to take my place, started in February, so most of my last few weeks were spent with her, trying to teach as much as I could, finish up my own things, and make as many “instruction” documents as possible. ¬†It felt good to leave with pretty much everything done that I needed to do, although I have to admit that I feel for the new intern. ¬†I had six months with the “senior intern” at the desk across from me–someone to peek over my screen to when I needed a little help, and my replacement had about a month with that same help. ¬†But I am sure she will do great, and it feels good to put work stuff behind me and start focusing on the babies.

Speaking of the babies, they are doing great! ¬†They’re over three pounds each now, both growing right on track, and partying constantly. ¬†The only downside is that they are both breech at the moment, but there is still time for them to turn so that I can maybe avoid a Cesarean section–although the other downside of two breech babies is four feet aiming kicks at my bladder and cervix, so…that’s fun.

Honestly, it is still hard for me to imagine and realize that we really are having two babies. ¬†It seems so surreal, and I don’t know what to expect…at all. ¬†I thought that having my second baby would be a bit more relaxing, as I would know what to expect after Theo, but now I feel that it’s a whole new world! ¬†I am hoping that getting more things prepared in the next few weeks will help reality set in, and I can really start getting excited about these girls!

We still have a lot of big stuff to take care of. ¬†The biggest is purchasing our first car–a big car. ¬†We’re making progress and moving forward, but it’s such a huge purchase, and we feel a lot of pressure to really get it right, so it’s been a bit stressful. ¬†We also still need to buy a stroller, baby monitor, other various equipment… It can be overwhelming when I think about it, but again–I am hoping that after I get some time to relax, I’ll have time and energy to get these things sorted, and things will fall into place!

When I stopped work, I rather expected a huge release.  I have been stressed and anxious about work, balancing my time and energy, etc. since December, and I was really looking forward to not having those worries anymore, but instead of such a release, the anxiety was rerouted to starting back up at work (when the twins are around 14 months), how we will make that work, etc.  The anxiety peaked last week, and was really hard for me to deal with.  But I spoke to my midwife about it on Monday, and I am going to talk to my doctor about a referral for someone to talk to about it (which is honestly long overdue).  They also have a program for people at higher risk of post partum depression, that she put me into, which includes an extra visit from the health visitor before the babies are born, so I can get to know her, a tour of the labor and delivery unit to help with anxiety around the birth, etc.  I am really glad to know that there is help, and proud of myself for being able to talk with someone about it, finally!

This has gotten really long, so I think I’ll do a separate twin/pregnancy update really soon!


Theo at three and a half

I have plenty I could write about that involves myself, work, and the twin pregnancy, but today, I want to talk about Theo being three-and-a-half. 

At this point, Theo is definitely a bilingual kid. I honestly don’t know what he speaks better, English or Danish. He speaks more Danish on a daily basis at the moment, and it’s sometimes hard for him to switch over to English at home. He also used plenty of Danglish, inserting words from the opposite language when there just isn’t a good substitute, but I do the same, so I think he’ll be fine ūüėČ 

Speaking of speaking, Theo does it a lot. He is the chatterbox of all chatterboxes. It sometimes seems that he never stops talking, and it is sometimes a bit of a hindrance if we need to get something done, as he seems not to be able to talk and do anything else at the same time. But it really is awesome being able to have longer, meaningful conversations, and really hear his take on things–when I’m not trying to get him to put on his snowsuit and get home from preschool, that is…

Right now, Theo is very into purple, which suits me just fine, because buying purple things feels like it makes sense, when we have two little girls waiting to inherit his clothes. (Although really, they could dislike purple as much as Theo currently dislikes blue…who knows?). He also really likes to wear tights, so we just bought a bunch in the next size up as all of his were definitely too small. He plays primarily with the other, older girls at preschool, but I think he spends time with the boys as well, as much as he talks about Hulk and Spider-Man.

His favorite toys at home are probably Play-Doh and construction vehicles, and we got him some kinetic sand for Ayyam-I-Ha that should be pretty fun to use with his smaller construction vehicles. It’s also a plus that it’s something that can be played sitting in one spot, and that’s about all I can play with him at the moment (and for the next few months). We also do a lot of reading, which he loves. We’ll have to start taking more frequent trips to the library! He also loves helping in the kitchen, and I love having his company there, although I do tend to get stressed out for silly reasons like messes, and prefer if Andreas is also there for backup ūüėČ

Theo washed, plucked, and sliced all of the grapes for the Thanksgiving fruit salad

About a month ago, he relinquished his pacifiers (favis) to the pacifier-tree, and in their place received a real, big-boy bike! Within a week, he could bike long stretches, but we haven’t practiced starting and stopping on his own yet. I have no doubt that in the spring, he’ll be an expert, which is great, because I almost can’t lift him onto the back of my bike anymore! The pacifiers were a much smaller deal than I had feared. He was sad at bedtime a few nights, but slept through every night, and has hardly asked for/thought about him since, so that went super smoothly!  Woohoo!

He is eating pretty well, although eating slowly (because he is too busy talking) has been an issue. I actually found myself googling “how to deal with painfully slow eating”. We often set an alarm for dinner now (about a half an hour) and remind him a couple of times how long is left to eat. The biggest issue was how aggravated I would get, trying to remind him to take a bite every paragraph, so this works a lot better although it can still be a struggle occasionally. He eats well, though, varied, and isn’t really picky. Although I think it’s kind of a bummer that he really doesn’t like pasta with tomato sauce as that is one of my quick and easy go-tos! 

Theo is excited to be a big brother, and talks about the babies as part of our family. I know the transition from being an only child won’t be easy, especially with twins, but I know he will do great, and I am so excited to see him with his baby sisters. *cue hormonal tears* He is SUCH a fun and funny kid, and I feel way too lucky to get to be his Mama. 

Two good reasons for being gone

I have basically deserted the blog for a good long while now, for a couple of reasons. Reason number one is a baby! I’m (surprise!) expecting again, which, while really exciting, means that I have been stretched beyond my limit the past few months. Morning sickness and fatigue when starting a brand new, full-time internship is really, really hard.


The second reason is…also a baby–that’s right, twins! So…it’s been a very exciting couple of months!¬†Starting my internship was really exciting, and really, really stressful. Finding out I was pregnant a month in (while being on the pill) was also exciting, and stressful. Finding out it was twins two months after that was just as exciting and stressful as all of the previous stressful, exciting surprises! ¬†So…exciting and stressful just about sums up my 2016.

I am feeling less sick and exhausted now (four and a half months in) but the pain has already settled in for good, it seems. Everything else is alright–we are trying to plan for the extra additions to the family, carefully considering our first family car, double strollers, rearranging the kids’ room, and periodically looking at each other with our mouths gaping open to say “twins?!?”

Some info on the twins: they’re identical, and sharing a placenta, so I go to a lot of extra scans and doctor appointments so they can keep an eye out for TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) and make sure the babies are growing at relatively the same rate. Twins don’t run in my family, but identical twins aren’t hereditary anyway.

I can’t say for sure if my symptoms were worse this time around, because my situation was a lot different. ¬†Feeling sick was miserable, but I attributed the extra misery to having to haul my butt out of bed to the sound of an alarm clock every morning, and not being able to avoid the smell of coffee–I never suspected twins, or even entertained the thought. I can definitely feel the difference now, though, and see it in my belly! I thought I was really big with Theo, who was born at 9lbs 1 oz, and to think that I am going to be even more gigantic is a little overwhelming/terrifying. ¬†But honestly, the hope is to get as gigantic as possible, as I want to keep the babies in for as long as they can be in there, so I am trying to keep that in mind, too, whenever the panic sets in.

So, that is why I have been so absent. I can’t promise to be on more often, or come with more thoughtful, well-illustrated blog posts, but I will try to keep it as updated as possible!

Oh, also, they’re girls!!!

Short-lived Superpowers

I have been at my internship for a month now!

A week in, I was feeling pretty good.  I started out slowly, doing mostly practical sorts of things like coffee machine cleaning and breakfast-setting-up because the person who usually does those things was on vacation.  But then, she had the audacity to come back, so I was thrown headfirst into the accounting world.

The first few weeks went really well. ¬†I was really overwhelmed, of course, and exhausted, but every day, I came home proud. ¬†I was speaking Danish all day, making phone calls, doing accounting things (that I find really hard to find the words for in English, but I do actually kind of know what I’m doing). ¬†I was really proud. ¬†I felt a bit like I was a superhero–doing things that were really hard for me, and doing them anyway!

But, the thing is, doing things that are really hard for you anyway, and doing them every day is really, really exhausting.  And at some point, I stopped feeling like a superhero and started just feeling drained.

Over half of my job is payment-chasing.  That means keeping track of customers in three different companies, and who has paid what, when, and sending friendly emails asking about payment statuses, and making phone calls, and sending less friendly emails later on.  This is not my passion.  I can tell you that much.

I’m trying not to feel too down about it–and I don’t, really. ¬†It’s for about a year, and it’s probably good experience to just wade right in. ¬†I know that it will also get better the more in control I feel. ¬†I still have to figure out all of the customers, their histories, who to contact about which problem, etc.

The Danish is also not really a problem as far as understanding things, and being able to communicate, but I feel like it really does keep me a little bit “on the outside”. ¬†I made myself say some things during lunch today, and I was glad, because I was beginning to feel a bit like a weirdo, just listening every day, smiling and nodding, and never really contributing.

But everything is quite overwhelming and difficult.

The good news is that it’s what I was expecting. ¬†It’s actually better than I was expecting! ¬†Our daily routine is still working really well–with Andreas taking Theo in the mornings while I run off to work early, and me being able to get off early enough to pick up Theo, and have a nice evening all together at home. ¬†I’m ready to conk out when Theo is going to bed, but it is working really well! ¬†And the other good news is that I think it will only get better. ¬†I will only feel more confident about the stuff I am doing. ¬†I will only get better at speaking. ¬†I will only get to know my coworkers better, and feel more and more a part of things.

So I know things will get better, but I have to say that I have definitely hit a rough patch.

Here’s hoping that autumn, crunchy leaves, and ALL the pumpkin can help pull me through!

The American Hermit Crab Coming Out of her Shell

I have started work! ¬†I started over two weeks ago, which seems ludicrous now. ¬†The night before I started, I suffered a full-blown panic attack, crying uncontrollably–worried and anxious about every possible thing, and some impossible things.

But already after the very first day, most of my anxieties were quieted. ¬†I had been worried about the flexibility of the work hours, but fortunately, I’m able to start by 7:30 every ¬†morning, which means I can leave at 3:30, which means I don’t pick up Theo terribly late. ¬†He’s thriving in preschool, and I look forward to coming to pick him up every day.

Everyone in the office is so nice (at least in my department) and it’s quite a nice atmosphere, and unless I’m just completely oblivious to tension and drama, there really isn’t any! ¬†I’m starting to get a handle on my routine tasks I have to do, and it’s getting to the point where learning new things isn’t as overwhelming as it was in the first week, now that I know the basics, and how the systems work.

Speaking Danish all day is somehow a non-issue. ¬†Maybe because I’m mostly used to it, speaking Danish with my in-laws and out in public. ¬†It’s actually mostly an issue over lunch, and with the everyday banter kinds of things. ¬†Sometimes, it goes over my head, and I just sort of smile along. ¬†Sometimes, I’m a little bit lost when everyone is talking at lunch, and I can occasionally feel outside, but I think that will pass relatively quickly.

I was really afraid I would be so drained by the end of the day, that I would have no energy left for Theo and Andreas, and just the household stuff in general, but surprisingly, the opposite has been true! ¬†Being out of the house, with other people, learning things, doing things, and coming back at the end of the day means I am even happier to see and spend time with my family! ¬†The chores are being done a bit more in the weekend, but it’s not nearly as big of a deal as I feared.

Overall, things are going so, so well! ¬†I can only hope it continues like this–it’s almost too good to be true, I’m a little afraid something will come to light that I hadn’t counted on, but as of now, I am only grateful that everything is going as well as it is.

And as a sidenote, I’m looking forward to fall and all the pumpkin baked goods!


The Summer Ends

In exactly one week, Iwill be standing in my new workplace, most likely quite sweaty and anxious, beginning the Next Big Thing.  The Summer of Zeta is well nigh ended, and my feelings are mixed.  I had a wonderful summer, but the anxiety and nervousness snuck in early, and my levels of stress have been climbing for weeks.

I’m heading into the unknown–I don’t know how we’ll make our daily routine work, how Theo will react to my new busy-ness, or quite honestly, how I will. ¬†I don’t know how to say goodbye to this charmed life I have been lucky enough to live, and throw myself into the scary grind of a full-time working mother. ¬†How will I react to the end of endless alone time–will it be the introvert’s nightmare, overstimulation every single day–or will it be really what I needed, the chance to joke with colleagues, and hear more points of view than just my own on repeat? ¬†Will I miss being able to make the rather time-consuming, delicious dinners I always have, or will it almost be a burdened lessened, when we find ourselves eating veggie burgers at least once a week?

I want to only be looking forward to this next adventure, but I find myself more mourning what I will be leaving behind for the foreseeable future.  Never again will my life be like it is now.  And in some ways that will be good, and some things I will probably miss forever.

One of my goals for the summer that I did not meet was to blog more–you have probably noticed that I let that one slide, but mostly I have been successful, and I will fill you all in on the details next time.

Since I last wrote, Theodore has started preschool, and turned three, both with remarkable success! ¬†While I can’t help but worry about my small son in preschool with all of the bigger kids (he’s one of the youngest, of course, and definitely the smallest!), he seems to be fine. ¬†His older cousin goes to preschool the same place, so they are fast friends. Without her, I think he would be lost. ¬†I hope he makes more friends soon–but I know that that is more for my own sake than his. ¬†He seems content to either play with his cousin or play alone, and I am confident that when he is ready to play with the others, he will. ¬†He doesn’t seem as tired and overwhelmed at the end of the day as I expected, which is a relief, as his days will soon be longer. ¬†In short, Theo is a trouper, and I am proud.


Now, I have to try and tackle a few more things from my list during this last week of freedom and rest (and also turn in the library book that is due¬†today that I just managed to finish in time). ¬†I’ll come soon with an update on The List and what we have been busy with!



A Weekend on Sams√ł

Another Big Event of the summer has passed–Andreas’s and my fifth anniversary! ¬†To think that it was five years ago we held our gummi bear wedding is almost ludicrous, but there it is!

I had originally thought I would plan our anniversary weekend (it fell on a Saturday this year–what luck!) but one day, Andreas told me that he rather had an idea, and not to plan anything. ¬†So we arranged for Theo to spend the whole weekend (two nights!) with his aunt, uncle, and cousins, and we took off on Friday morning to an unknown-to-me destination!

I knew that we had to be wherever it was at a certain time, so I had an inkling that it might be a ferry–and it was! ¬†My First Ferry Ride! ¬†It was so exciting, driving through the countryside, only guessing at where we were headed, with three entire toddler-free days ahead of us. ¬†Enough to make anyone giddy and newly in love!

The ferry ride was¬†windy but really lots of fun–and heading up on deck with some coffee was just the thing to stave off the nigglings of seasickness.


The ferry was headed to Sams√ł, a cute little island between Zealand and Jutland, north of Fyn, and apparently quite the tourist destination–and no wonder! ¬†The landscape was amazing, thatched roofed cottages¬†everywhere, and no shortage of Danish charm.

I didn’t get nearly as many pictures of the beautiful flowers (and lots of roses!) that were everywhere, but how cute is that flower tree in front of that house?!

It was so fun to be lovebirds again, and we took lots more selfies together, which I’ll spare you ūüėČ ¬†There was a lot of rambling on the hills, trying to skip stones, and driving from darling town to darling town, stopping in shops, flea markets, and little farmer stands along the way. ¬†Idyllic x20.


The best part of it all was being able to do exactly as we pleased without planning outings around a naptime, or anxiously pulling small hands away from the many,¬†many breakable objects in the cute, tiny shops. ¬†We went out for a (I was going to say “late” dinner, but it was at seven pm :P) dinner for our anniversary at a place called “The Pearl” which was really lovely. ¬†Especially for me, as I ordered butter-fried fish which came with a bowl of browned butter on the side! We even got fancy dessert, and really delicious sparkling cider!


Andreas served as primary photographer (and I get the job as multiple-photo-deleter).

All in all, it was a superb trip, only made better by the fact that it was a surprise. ¬†Even the ferry ride home wasn’t all sad, as by that time I missed Theodore something fierce, and was so excited to bring him home again.

I don’t know if we’ll ever top this, but really, we don’t need to–as long as we get to do it all over again!

Bedroom Cozification

As the Summer of Zeta progresses, I have been slowly making my way through the Summer of Zeta list. ¬†One item on the list was to cozify our bedroom, as it has been, until now, quite bare and boring. ¬†White walls, white furniture, and some black and gray didn’t make for much to look at, so I set out to bring in some color and fluffiness to the bedroom.

Now that I look at them, the “before” shots almost look a bit drab and sad on purpose, but that’s just how it was!



I set myself a budget of about two thousand kroner to spend on the bedroom, and I think I was within my limits. ¬†The paint was probably the most expensive thing–the rest of the things were the result of a solo-IKEA trip. ¬†Being alone in IKEA is wonderful in one respect, as there is no one to second-guess my decisions, or ask 17 times for a fruit bar and then jump on the display beds, but the downside is that I had only myself to lug the 20 kilos of IKEA things that I bought home (half a mile to the bus stop, on two different busses, and half a mile home from the bus stop). ¬†But the result was well worth it–a room that I actually want to cuddle up in!



There’s still a couple of things I wasn’t able to get done–like handles for the wardrobe, or a piece of art/wall hanging over the bed, but already I felt like it was inviting and cheerful. ¬†Also, we’re finally sleeping under one duvet, and I love it!

I was able to finish up just in time to use it as a guest room (for my brother and his girlfriend who came to visit!) and also for our five-year anniversary, which is in two days! ¬†Andreas has planned a secret trip away for two nights and three days while Theo bunks with his cousins. ¬†We leave tomorrow morning, and I am so excited, albeit a little bit nervous for leaving Theo overnight (I never have!). ¬†But it will be well worth it, and I can’t wait for a little getaway. ¬†Now I must plan the snack list, because a little bird told me we’ll be driving a bit, and what is any road trip, even a mini-one, without snacks?

The Summer of Zeta

There is finally good news to share on the employment front!

I recently signed a trainee contract with a business/IT consultancy firm. ¬†I’ll be a “Finance Trainee” for the next two years, starting in September. ¬†This means that I have nearly three months to not worry about job-searching, enjoy my “summer vacation” and get ready for the next, exciting step in my life!

As I sat thinking about this after I had received my great news, the only thing I could think of was “I proclaim this, the Summer of Zeta!” ¬†I haven’t seen all that much Seinfeld, but the summer of George scene was somehow stuck in my brain.

I do plan on reading a book, from beginning to end. ¬†And although I probably won’t be frolfing, I’ve got the fruit thing down–it’s cherry and strawberry season! ¬†One of the best times of the year!

Basically, I have been thinking more about my New Year’s resolutions, and re-resolving them for the summer! ¬†I’m making concrete lists of things I want to do, accomplish, and enjoy for the next few months, and trying to plan in advance for special events (our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up, and Theodore’s 3rd birthday!).

The fall is going to be busy, and I’m about as nervous as I am excited! ¬†So I want to make this summer count. ¬†I want to get ready for a little bit of a faster-paced life. ¬†I want to soak up family time, have adventures, and entrench myself in my hobbies so they don’t fall away entirely when life gets busier.

I’m looking forward so much to being busier, moving on, learning new things, and meeting new people. ¬†And I’m also looking forward to a¬†last hurrah. ¬†A period of flexibility and freedom without the worry and anxiety of “what’s next”

So here’s to the Summer of Zeta! I’ll keep you posted! ¬†That’s one of my resolutions after all ūüėČ



On Being 27

This past Sunday, I turned 27.

I blessed Denmark with some wonderful weather (you’re welcome, Denmark!) so much of the day was spent outside on a walk (to the candy store…) and at the flea market. ¬†I finally made myself a cake this year, which I had neglected to do the past few years, and I was really happy I did, as it felt much more like a birthday than a birthday away from home has ever felt!


I guess I’m 27 now instead of 26, but I don’t really feel old yet, because as far as I’m concerned 27 is still considered “mid-twenties” so I had no crisis of coming out of an era. ¬†So it was a crisis-free, cake-filled birthday–the best kind, if you ask me.

Like I said, I don’t feel much different than I did on Saturday (except that the takeout we got on my birthday may have food-poisoned me a bit) but I do have some wishes for 27.

First and foremost, I want something to do. ¬†I want to get an internship, which is the next step in my education. ¬†It’s actually one of the things I am most nervous about doing–as a change in daily routine, and getting even busier is always intimidating, but I am definitely ready and will be thrilled when I can check this box.

Most of the rest of my wishes for 27 are also my New Year’s Resolutions. ¬†Doing more things, being more active, reading more, etc. ¬†And I think I will actually do all those things, because I’ve been more disciplined, positive, and progressive than ever lately.

Turn 27? ¬†Don’t mind if I do!