Moving is expensive.  Our trip to IKEA was surprisingly cheap (although that was probably because they didn’t have a lot of the things we wanted), but altogether, we’re spending a big chunk of cash.  We’ve got our big furniture now, which is nice, but we still have to equip our kitchen, move all of our stuff from here (and some from Andreas’s parents’ house) and we have small furniture to buy and things like…you know, a TV and bicycles.  It doesn’t help that everything is expensive in Denmark.  We also have to get internet (quickly, please!) and until we do, we’re not going to be staying in the new place.  That means that I’m traveling back and forth every time we need to get over there and do something, which is expensive.  It costs about $40 round-trip to get to our place in Copenhagen back to our place in Malmø, and while that’s not terribly, it definitely adds up.

I’m having a blast setting up our real home with Andreas.  I’ve waited for this for ages, but especially since we got married almost a year and a half ago, and I’m so thankful that it’s now!  I’m trying to not be too materialistic, and not mind that our place is a bit bare for a while, but now that we’re almost to having a complete home, it’s hard to take it slow!  I’ll just keep reminding myself that the best thing is that I finally get to live with Andreas in a place that is ours and the rest is just bonus, but doesn’t really matter.

I was going to wait until tonight to write, but we’re going to be spending most of the afternoon (and probably all of the evening) in assembly-mode so I don’t know if I’ll get home in time to, and I really want to keep up with posting every day in November!  I picked what is probably the worst month out of the past year to do it, considering I finally got busy and also might be spending a few nights and days here and there in an internetless apartment, but I don’t want to give up!

PS-sorry for all the italics.  I think it’s a side effect to all this stress and excitement that suddenly rushed into my life.