Identity Crisis of Sorts

Ever since I let it be public knowledge that Andreas and I are expecting, I thought that the blogging would pick up immediately!  I’d finally told my news, now I could write freely again, right?!  Except that I forgot about what happens to a blog when the blogger undergoes some sort of huge life change.  I’ve had vague ideas for posts, but dismiss them sometimes as “too pregnancy” or “too baby-y.”  I know some of the people who read this blog aren’t really interested in all that stuff, and don’t want me go to into any sort of detail.  I wavered on starting a new blog just for the pregnancy and baby thing, but the truth is, it didn’t work.  Guys, my life is changing, and so is this blog.

I want to feel free to post updates about how stuff is going.  I want to talk about how weird it is that all the baby research and reading I’ve done is suddenly null and void because we’re raising a baby in Denmark, and apparently you can’t get the same stuff here.  I want to talk about being nervous or being hormonal or being completely overwhelmed about what’s happening in six months.  I want to talk about my petty dilemma over whether or not to find out the sex of the baby next month.

And so I’m going to.  Because if I don’t, I probably won’t blog much at all.  Not that all of the posts will be baby-centric, but I know that once I get the blog rolling, it’ll inspire more of the other posts!  The ones that I used to write, about baking, and being an immigrant, and my knitting adventures.  When I first started blogging, I had the same mini-crisis.  I didn’t know what type of blog to be.  Should I be a food blog?  Or a crafty blog? Or a feelings blog?  And then I just said to myself “write whatever you want.”  And I did.  And it’s worked.  Someone always reads what I write, and even if they don’t, that doesn’t mean they won’t read the next post.  So I’m officially giving myself free reign to write about whatever I want to write about, and I’m hoping the lack of inhibitions will give me a little bit more inspiration, and I can get an American Hermit Crab in Denmark back on track!