Valentine’s Day 2013, or The Best Valentine’s Day of My Life, Including When I Was in Elementary School and Got Cards with Candy Attached

So, since Andreas and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a day late, and therefore, the blog about it would be two days late, I went ahead and figured that it was okay if it was six days late, too.

Like I said last time, I wanted to make Valentine’s Day a big deal this year!  Not for any particular reason other than I like to make things a big deal sometimes.  As for all that stuff everyone says about Valentine’s Day being just a highly commercialized day to celebrate and do things we should be doing every day: if that is your opinion about Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that Thanksgiving Day is not even a smidgen of a bit different, so don’t be so grumpy!

Our day turned our perfectly.  Seriously, I can’t remember having just a nicer evening together (except for maybe our wedding…but this time, it was just us which made it even better).  The one thing that was not perfect, were the pictures I took, so I’m not even going to try to edit them into something pretty, but I’ll show them anyway!

I did some planning a couple of days beforehand, and went out to buy red candles (and keep them hidden away!).  I also planned to make cream puffs, which I made for a knitting group several months ago and Andreas was crazy about, and Valentine-themed cookies.  I also made red punch, and decided that since I was going to be busy baking all day, that we would order pizzas for dinner, from the pizzeria around the corner.

Andreas came home a bit earlier than I expected, so I shut him out of the kitchen while I hurried to finish my special treats!  It actually turned out really well, since he likes to watch the news, and check his emails and Reddit in the evening, so he got to do that while I worked.  Then, when he went out to pick up the pizzas, I set up in the living room 🙂  He also came home with a bunch of tulips, which was exactly what we needed to make everything perfect!




After dinner, I got him to dance with me to the love-themed oldies playlist we had on in the background.  Now, dancing with Andreas means me holding his hands while I dance, or basically just hugging, but it’s one of my favorite things.  Then we managed to catch an action-y movie that was on TV, cuddle, and eat our treats.  It was a really simple evening, but the anticipation, the special decorations, and just knowing we made that evening special for each other was really, really wonderful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

There! I know that was probably more mushy and less interesting than what everyone hoped to read, but I was thrilled with how the day went, and I wanted to share!  More non-valentiney posts to come, soon!