A Weekend on Samsø

Another Big Event of the summer has passed–Andreas’s and my fifth anniversary!  To think that it was five years ago we held our gummi bear wedding is almost ludicrous, but there it is!

I had originally thought I would plan our anniversary weekend (it fell on a Saturday this year–what luck!) but one day, Andreas told me that he rather had an idea, and not to plan anything.  So we arranged for Theo to spend the whole weekend (two nights!) with his aunt, uncle, and cousins, and we took off on Friday morning to an unknown-to-me destination!

I knew that we had to be wherever it was at a certain time, so I had an inkling that it might be a ferry–and it was!  My First Ferry Ride!  It was so exciting, driving through the countryside, only guessing at where we were headed, with three entire toddler-free days ahead of us.  Enough to make anyone giddy and newly in love!

The ferry ride was windy but really lots of fun–and heading up on deck with some coffee was just the thing to stave off the nigglings of seasickness.


The ferry was headed to Samsø, a cute little island between Zealand and Jutland, north of Fyn, and apparently quite the tourist destination–and no wonder!  The landscape was amazing, thatched roofed cottages everywhere, and no shortage of Danish charm.

I didn’t get nearly as many pictures of the beautiful flowers (and lots of roses!) that were everywhere, but how cute is that flower tree in front of that house?!

It was so fun to be lovebirds again, and we took lots more selfies together, which I’ll spare you 😉  There was a lot of rambling on the hills, trying to skip stones, and driving from darling town to darling town, stopping in shops, flea markets, and little farmer stands along the way.  Idyllic x20.


The best part of it all was being able to do exactly as we pleased without planning outings around a naptime, or anxiously pulling small hands away from the many, many breakable objects in the cute, tiny shops.  We went out for a (I was going to say “late” dinner, but it was at seven pm :P) dinner for our anniversary at a place called “The Pearl” which was really lovely.  Especially for me, as I ordered butter-fried fish which came with a bowl of browned butter on the side! We even got fancy dessert, and really delicious sparkling cider!


Andreas served as primary photographer (and I get the job as multiple-photo-deleter).

All in all, it was a superb trip, only made better by the fact that it was a surprise.  Even the ferry ride home wasn’t all sad, as by that time I missed Theodore something fierce, and was so excited to bring him home again.

I don’t know if we’ll ever top this, but really, we don’t need to–as long as we get to do it all over again!



I’ve been gone for a bit, and with good reason!  Now that I’m allowed in Denmark, we made the trip to go visit Andreas’s family for his dad’s birthday!  Rebekka took advantage of knowing her trip back would be free and came out to visit for the week.  I can get a bit anxious having guests and being rousted from my daily routine, but it was perfect.  We went out shopping, did a bit of baking and even managed to work on the game we’re making together.  While shopping, we solidified that we have opposite tastes in everything from men to dishtowels to whether or not we liked our owl candle-holders with open or closed eyes, and still manage to never argue about it.  It was altogether a great week, and it was really lovely to have the company.

I’m glad I’m finally at the point where I’m so comfortable with his sister that I don’t have to worry about anxiety, and I can just relax and enjoy myself.  We’ve definitely spent the most time together out of anyone in his family, so I’m probably the most comfortable around her (and his mom because she’s pretty much me, thirty years later) but I know the rest of the family is close behind.  I know I say it often, but I sometimes can’t get over how lucky and happy I am to have such a wonderful in-law family.  Being so far away from my own is difficult, but it’s funny how literally “at home” I feel at his parents’ cozy house and it really makes the distance easier.

The weekend was fantastic.  Andreas set up his parents’ new internet package and reinstalled his dad’s computer, and I think I mostly sat around.  Another of my sisters-in-law is pregnant and at the point where it’s definitely noticeable, but the belly is still a manageable (and super cute!) size.  I’m super looking forward to January and meeting the new baby (and hoping (and hoping) that we’ll be living in Copenhagen by then).  I’m also looking forward to just living nearby while the baby grows up, and getting to know her and her husband better.  As much as I’m interested in pregnancy (and babies!), want to study it, and read blogs and articles about it, no one close to me has ever been pregnant.  I mean that in both the emotional and very literal sense, since my sister has been pregnant twice, but both times in Malaysia, so I wasn’t really “witness” to it.  Seeing such a round pregnant belly on someone I actually knew *before* they were pregnant gave me a jolt and made it seem so real as silly as that sounds.  Now, if you can believe it, I’m more impatient than ever, but I know that our chance is just around the corner, so I’m working hard not to become  manic with baby fever.  The good news was I finally got to give them the things I’d been working on!

They were well-received, but Andreas was sad to see the owl go, so I’m going to see if I can make a mini-owl out of the leftover yarn I have just for him.  I’ve told him he can’t have one until we have a baby on the way, but I don’t think he can be bought, unfortunately…

The weekend was just what we’ve been needing.  Even just going to his parents’ house was a wonderful break from reality.  Now, I’m well aware that our reality isn’t that bad, but I just feel so insecure these days, feeling like I don’t belong here in Malmö anymore, but not having a place in Denmark, and not knowing when we’ll find one.  It was good to forget the stress for a while, and just enjoy being with each other and the family.  I even had a few tears swimming in my eyes as we pulled away from his parents’ house, ever-so-reluctant to come back to Sweden and our Swedish problems.

No good apartment-related news in the mail today, but I guess there’s always tomorrow….